7 Tips To Start Your Morning Off Right

Let’s be real, Monday mornings are tough. Actually a lot of mornings are tough 🙂 So today I am sharing the 7 things that help me start my day off on the right foot. Well 8 things if you count coffee 🙂


7 Tips To Start Your Morning Off Right

1 – Give gratitude. Before you jump out of bed take few minutes, a few breaths, to reflect what you are thankful for. I always say 3 things. Sometimes they are the same three: my family, my health, the fact that I woke up to another day and sometimes they are different.

2- Be present. I know this sounds so simple but it’s actually not. You know how many times I have been going through the motions in the morning and caught myself asking my husband to repeat himself because I literally was just thinking about all the things I had to do that day and not listening to the present conversation? Too many to count. I hated that. Most of us are stuck in traffic and/or in the office all day. We should 100% make the effort to be present for the short time in the morning that we have with the people who are most important to us.

3- Take the time to get dressed up. I don’t know about you but putting on a cute outfit and some makeup can really change my mood around.

4- Get up a little earlier. Getting up earlier allows me to do all the things I need to do before my family gets up. This way I am present when Brandon and baby are awake and I’m able to enjoy some time with them in the AM without feeling rushed and stressed.

5- Tune yourself into a good mood. Whether that’s soothing music or complete silence on your drive to work or your first meeting. Pick something that will help clear your head and put you in a good mood. This is different for me everyday. Honestly sometimes I like complete silence, sometimes I listen to bible on CD and if I’m being honest the other day Big Pimpin’ by Jay Z came on and I was like yaaassss it’s gonna be a good day 🙂 so Big Pimpin’ is how I started my morning that day and you know what? It twas a good day 🙂

6- Stay off of social media (and any news media outlet) for at least the first hour. This may be easy for some but really tough for those of us who run a business that social media  plays a huge part in. I’ve learned by staying off of social media for at least the first hour allows me to really soak in everything I listed above without any distractions. I am able to be present, get my intentions clear for the day all without having to read about another sad event happening in the world or having fomo for yet another event I had to miss out on because well, #life.

7- Take a moment for personal praise. Look.. before your day gets crazy, take a moment to tell yourself that you are awesome! And be specific! Did you kill it at a meeting the day before? Or maybe the day before wasn’t your best, think about something you accomplished last week and praise yourself for it girl! This boosts our confidence and with attitudes like this you can get anything done! Show yourself some self praise for that extra confidence boost in the morning!

Try these tips and tell me if they helped you. I hope they do! I know things like get more sleep and prepare the night before are some things you can do as well to ensure you start your morning off right however realistically those are 2 things that I do not do well so I just wanted to share the 7 easy tips that worked for me!  I hope they work for you too.

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xo, Roselyn

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging


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  1. What motivated me to start the blog? – I have always loved fashion. It all started with my Mom dressing me in the cutest clothes when I was little plus my Mom was always dressed to the nine’s! Naturally, I went to college and studied Fashion Merchandising. Against, my Mom’s will of course. I’m Filipino so of course she wanted me to be a nurse 🙂 I worked in retail all throughout college and as soon as I graduated in 2005 I landed my first buying job. It was literally the job of my dreams straight out of college and I learned so much. Also, side note, Teddi Mellencamp (for all my RHOBH fans) was a coworker at the time, haha. Anywho, that was the stepping stone of my buying career and I continued to grow professionally in that field for a little over 8 years. When I decided to make the transition from the corporate retail world into Supply Chain Management, it was a much needed change but I sure did miss talking fashion trends everyday. Long story short (per usual) that’s why I started my blog. It was my creative outlet to still talk fashion and all the things that I love outside of my current profession.
  2. Where did the blog name come from? – LOL, I just thought it was so clever when I came up with the Instagram handle style_lynn. It has part of my name in it and represents the word “stylin'”. I chose to name the blog The Style Lynn Life because I knew that along with style I would be talking so much about life experiences so it just seemed fitting.
  3. If you had to give someone starting in the blogging world one piece of advice, what would it be? Ahhh, it’s so hard to pick just one piece of advice because I have learned so much along the way! But my advice to someone who is on the fence about starting their blog I say, “Do it!” I think the only regret I have about blogging is that I didn’t start my blog in 2010 when I originally wanted to. I always talk to my best friend Rachel about this because she remembers me telling her that I wanted to start one when I first moved to Texas but I hesitated because, well, I don’t remember exactly why but I’m sure I was full of excuses. I can’t imagine where it would have been if I would have just DID IT! Everything happens for a reason so I am just greatful for where I am now but I’m telling you, if you are thinking about starting one, do it girl! Don’t come up with a million and one excuses. There is so much to learn along the way. Also, another great tip is to remember to start your blog because you are passionate about whatever you are sharing. I have a lot of people who reach out to me saying that they want to make money by starting a blog and honestly that’s not really how it works. You have to build an audience and connect with them. You have to build relationships with companies so that they want to work with you. You don’t just start a .com and the money starts rolling in.

That brings me to my next question and probably the most frequently asked.

4. How do you make money blogging?- There are many different ways that you can make money blogging. I am extremely fortunate that I have been able to monetize my blog and social media platforms through wonderful brand partnerships, affiliate marketing and LikeToKnow.it. Brand partnerships are started from either myself reaching out to company directly and pitching my idea, a brand reaching directly out to me with an idea or a PR company reaching out to me with an opportunity. When I first established my blog in what I thought was a “good place” to start reaching out to companies, I would send out like a 100 emails every week. No joke. Thankfully, I have built some great relationships and word of mouth is so strong you guys, I am grateful to work with more and more PR firms these days. Affiliate marketing and LiketoKnow.it is commission based. 99% of the time I link something on my blog or through my social media accounts and you purchase the product through my links, I get small credit/commission for it. So clearly, it’s so appreciated when you use my links. Whether it’s my link or another blogger’s link you follow, if you really like following them, a great way to show your support for their hard work is to shop their links. I promise we love you guys so much for it! With that being said, I link all of my outfits on my blog posts and any “social media” only posts are linked under my shop tab. If you want to shop all of your favorite bloggers looks in once place you can sign up for an account (super easy) on LiketoKnow.it and search style_lynn and all of your other blogger friends!

5. What camera do you use and how do you edit your photos? – I have a Canon D3300 and I use Lightroom and Snapseed. I wish I was better at photography and editing but I’m really not. I have been shooting with Yash from Banavenue Photography for some time now and he is so amazing. He edits all of the photos we take together but if I shoot looks on my own aka husband or friend shooting me I’ll edit in Lightroom or Snapseed.

I hope this post was helpful but let me know if you guys have any other questions regarding this topic! As always, thank you so much for reading and allowing me to talk to you about all the things, brands and places that I love!

xo, Roselyn

Feel free to email me at hello@thestylelynnlife.com 🙂

Work/Life “Balance” As A Blogger

My most frequently asked question is “how do I balance it all?” which is funny because most days I don’t feel balanced at all LOL


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10 GirlBoss Quotes To Keep You Motivated

10 GirlBoss Quotes To Keep You Motivated

Another snow/ice day here in Houston so most of the city is shut down and working from home! I have a baby on my hip, getting stuff done! LOL, I should have made that a quote 🙂

First things first, I feel like I talk about work all the time but the other day I was talking about something on Instagram stories and I had a few people reach out and say they had no idea I worked outside of blogging. Yes, I work full time in Supply Chain Management as a Procurement Manager. My department specifically, manages the promotional products and printed material programs for the company.

Anywho, whether you are a 9-5 gal or an entrepreneur running your own business, or both, I’ve rounded up 10 girlboss quotes that will help keep you motivated.


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We Don’t Build Ourselves Up By Putting Others Down


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“We don’t build ourselves up by putting others down”.

This is probably a quote that you have seen or heard a lot but even though I’ve seen and heard it quite a bit, I still see people doing the opposite far too much.

As we are all setting our goals for the new year let’s remember to stay focused on our own strengths and what we bring to the table as oppose to what we see as weaknesses of others. I work in the corporate world and I’ve been in it for many years. I am also now in the enterprenioal world as a blogger.

No matter what stage you are at in your career, to succeed we must work hard, be honest, be humble and most of all be a team player.

Focus on your strengths, not your competitor’s weaknesses

Sell what you have done, not what your competition didn’t do

Talk about what you can do, not what your competitor won’t do

Last year, around this time I was very fortunate to have been promoted to a management position at my company. Last year, around this time I was in my third campaign with my all time favorite retailer, Nordstrom. Naturally, I was ecstatic about both but you know what makes me even more proud about these life changing moments?…The fact that my hard work was paying off and that I didn’t have to bring anyone down to achieve these goals.

I share a lot of my blogger pals on here and my social media. These are the ones that build each other up. I talk about how the blogging community has been amazing because that’s how I choose to keep my community. There is A LOT of competiveness and some gals can be catty but I don’t talk about that because I feel like that’s not the blogging community I choose to be a part of. I am part of the community that is positive, inspirational and laughs about the ridiculousness and moves on.

If you are in an interview or on a conference call trying to land a big campaign, remember this, “referencing someone else’s weaknesses will never make you look better”.

I say all of this because a lot of you gals have been asking for blogging tips and I will be sharing them for the weeks to come but no matter where you are in your blogging career these tips are the most important. Also, I know I have a lot of corporate gal readers who are starting off in your careers. Remember those 3 tips highlighted above. Those along with your hard work and ability to be a team player will get you exactly where you want to be.

xo, Roselyn

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