Roselyn Weaver | California Raised | Houston, TX Based | Good Vibes & Jesus are good for the soul | Lover of Life | Wife | Travel Addict | Fitness Enthusiast | Procurement Manager


Hi everyone, I’m Roselyn! 🙂 A 100% filipina, born in Guam, raised in California and currently residing in Texas with my amazing husband. We have 2 pups, Cali & Tex (get it?!) 🙂 I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and have worked in probably every position that you could possibly imagine in the fashion industry throughout college and my career. From the retail sales floor, fashion show dresser (oh the intern days!), wholesale rep, trend forecasting teams, visual manager to buyer. You name it, I’ve probably done it! Not too long ago I decided to get step out of the retail buying world and into Supply Chain Management. Though I enjoy the career path I am on now I still needed that creative outlet to be able to talk fashion everyday which brings us this blog!

RoselynWeaver.com covers fashion, travel, fitness and well life 🙂 I firmly believe that living a happy lifestyle starts from the moment that we get dressed in the morning so I hope to provide you with outfit inspiration and daily motivation to finding your own personal style.

I plan to share style tips and quite frankly life with you.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you stay a while!

xo, Roselyn