3 Things Under 20 Minutes That Are Good For The Mind, Body & Soul

Between working full time, chasing after a little one, running a business and trying to stay healthy, I am constantly looking for ways to live a  healthier lifestyle with limited free time.

Today I am partnering up with Pronamel to share the 3 things that are good for the mind, body & soul and, most importantly, things that can be done in 20 minutes or less. Mamas you are going to want to read on!


1- Relaxing at home with a face mask 


There aren’t many things I love more than applying a face mask with some quiet time at home. It’s an added bonus that they do wonders for your skin too! Very rarely do I have time to enjoy a full spa day so any self-care activities I can do at home is a win in my book. 

2- Working out 


Even on busy days, I like to take at least 20 minutes to get a workout in. Whether that is at home, at the gym or just a walk outside. Working out makes me feel so much better mentally and physically. 

3- Brushing with Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair 


There aren’t many things that you can do in two minutes that help you live a healthier lifestyle, but brushing with Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair toothpaste is one of them! When brushing my teeth with Pronamel Repair, it is helping to actively repairing my acid-weakened enamel to strengthen and protect from everyday acids. 

I know to some of you that may not know me on a personal level might be thinking this toothpaste blog post is off-brand for me but truthfully it could not be more on brand. Ask my mom, dad or husband who have had to deal with my dentist bills in the past, haha. 

I actually started using Pronamel a few years ago because it was recommended by my dentist, who had explained acid erosion to me. Acids are found in certain foods and drinks such as my juice cleanses and my acai bowls. Let me tell you, I consume juices and acai bowls like they are going out of style because I am just trying to live that healthier lifestyle. While those foods and drinks may be good for my body, they were really doing a number on my teeth! Acid erosion can cause teeth to appear “see-through,” dull, discolored or even yellow. She handed me a tube and insisted I started using this toothpaste because Pronamel is actually the #1 dentist recommended brand for strengthening and protecting enamel. I immediately loved it! I endured years of having braces for a better smile, I couldn’t throw all that away. Pronamel to the rescue!

So, I was thrilled to learn a few months ago that Pronamel has a product that helps with that protection.  Pronamel Repair helps actively repair the effects that acids in certain foods can have on your enamel.

It was comforting to hear that Pronamel Repair was helping to keep my teeth healthy by not only cleaning my teeth, but also helping repair the effects of acid erosion from my diet. All of that without having to do anything extra but brush my teeth with it! I’m not sure gets any easier than that! 

So that’s why I chose to keep using Pronamel Repair. Will you join me?


Thank you Pronamel for sponsoring this post. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

No Bad Hair Days With The Pantene Festival Hair Kit

No Bad Hair Days With The Pantene Festival Hair Kit

This content is sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Festival season is upon us and even though I am still having major #fomo that I missed out on Coachella this year with my girls, I still have a few other festivals on my radar, so I am excited to partner up with Pantene to share their limited edition Festival Hair Kit.


As the official haircare sponsor of Coachella , Stagecoach and Firefly, Pantene has put together a portable Festival Hair Kit, perfect to rescue and reset your hair during a festival weekend. We’re heading to ACL Festival in Austin this year, and I’ll definitely be packing my Festival Hair Kit!

The Pantene Festival Hair Kit is filled with five essential hair products to keep your hair on point before, during and after the festival weekend! Even if you aren’t headed to a festival this season, your hair will thank you after using these products for these hot and humid summer days!


What’s included in the Pantene Festival Hair Kit:

The following three products are so great to style and reset your hair before and during the festival weekend:

  • Dry Shampoo – You all know I live off of dry shampoo (and coffee!) so it’s no surprise that is the product I use the most. I have zero interest in washing my hair when traveling, so I imagine I will be the same way when we are at ACL. If I am washing my hair, there is a good chance I’ll be missing out on some fun 🙂 The Pantene Dry Shampoo absorbs all the oil and instantly refreshes hair between washes. Just spritz at the roots, or wherever refreshment is needed most, and rub it into the areas that need a pick-me-up. The Festival Hair Kit comes with the 4.9oz bottle.
  • On-The-Go-Frizz-Iron – This little gadget was new to me but HOLY SMOKES! was my initial reaction. I have so many fly- aways and this tool is amazing. Just clamp it around your hair, and glide from top to bottom like you would a traditional flat iron (but without the heat). You will instantly notice it smoothing out frizz and taming those fly-aways. It’s small and comes with a protective case so you can keep one in your purse wherever you go!
  • Airspray – This alcohol- free hairspray creates a super lightweight finish while locking out humidity. If you are in Texas, you need this! The nutrient- infused hairspray has a strong but brushable hold and provides lasting frizz control. Spray over your festival ‘do for a shiny, finished look. The Festival Hair Kit comes with a 7.0oz bottle.

The following two products will help reset and nourish your hair after you’ve been in the hot sun, dancing at a music fest all day 🙂

  • Intense Rescue Shots – After just one of these shots I noticed a difference in my hair! As Pantene’s first at-home rescue treatment, the Intense Rescue Shots noticeably repairs damaged hair in just one use. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply onto damp hair and massage from root to tip, targeting areas that see the most damage. Leave in for 30 seconds, then rinse for 30 seconds. Be sure not to over-rinse!
  • Nourishing Hair Mask – Two Nourishing Mask sachets are included in the Festival Hair Kit, and these are perfect for repairing post-festival damage! While in the shower, and after shampooing, comb the mask into your hair from mid-shaft to the ends. Leave on for 5-7 minutes (or longer if needed). Rinse thoroughly after use!

No matter where you are these 5 products are a must-have this summer and during festival season. All of the products come in a cute iridescent travel bag and the entire kit is under $20! Get yours here on Amazon. It’s also available for Prime Shipping!


Chiclash Boutique

Hi friends! One of the questions I get the most on Instagram stories is, “where do you get your eyelashes done?”. You all know I LOVE my eyelash extensions. Early last year I tried to give them up and that lasted for a good 3 months but I thought about them every single day, lol.

I have been eyelash extensions for like 6-7 years. Whenever it was that my girlfriend Nikki had her bachlorette party in San Diego. I remember getting them right before that weekend and I was immediately hooked!

I’ve gone to several places since then. Actually the very first time I got them, I got them done at a nail salon by my house. Even though I immediately fell in love with the way they looked I have learned over the years the right and wrong techniques and I have learned that the nail salon that first did my lashes were doing it all wrong! She actually had me keep my eyes open and didn’t use gel pads or anything but again I didn’t know any better. Today I want to share a lash boutique who I have been using for the past couple months.

Like I mentioned, I have tried out so many different places in the Houston area so now I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. Actually the individual that I went prior to trying Chiclash Boutique I still love as well but she moved locations and she works for herself now so not only is she too far to get to on my lunch break, it’s really hard to get an appointment with her if I don’t book in advance. That is why I started looking for a lash boutique by my office and fortunately found Chiclash.

Chiclash currently has 3 locations in Houston. A location in Montrose, Highland Village and Memorial area. I have been to both the Montrose and Highland Village locations. First of all the beds are like being hugged by a cloud! Haha, seriously if you go or have gone you know exactly what I mean!

The two stylist I highly recommend going to are Ivy and Jordan. And my one tip when going to get your lashes done anywhere is to be very specific on what you want. The stylists work on so many different people and everyone wants something different so make sure you share whether you like a natural look or more voluminous lashes. When going to a lash stylist for the first time I would even recommend getting a screenshot of some examples you like from their Instagram or website to ensure you get what you want. Just a tip from someone that has been getting eyelash extensions for a while now 🙂

For reference, the length of my eyelash extensions are a mix between 13 and 14 and I tell them I like more fuller, thicker looking lashes.

Chiclash Boutique is also giving you guys 20% off your service when mentioning my name. I’ll link all of their locations here.

If you guys go, don’t forget to send me a picture!

xo, Roselyn


Beauty Product I Am Loving: Skinceuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier

I am so thankful that I am able to try out different beauty and skincare products as part of my job here on RoselynWeaver.com. We get sent tons of products; some drug store prices and some a little more expensive. I am very picky on what I share with you all because I know there are so many options out there for you guys and if you are anything like me, you have spent so much money on trying new products that don’t work so it is extremely important to me to only share products that I truly love and what truly worked or works for me.

The Skinceuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier has been a game changer for my skin. Especially in this brutally cold weather and the fact that my skin has been so dehydrated lately.


Why is Hyaluronic Acid important?

In general, Hyaluronic Acid is a moisture-binding ingredient that helps keep the the skin plump and hydrated. It fills in wrinkles and promotes collagen production for long lasting youthful skin.

I have been using this since last September. I started using it religiously each day, mixing it in with my daily moisturizer and even though I immediately felt a hydrating difference on my face, I started actually seeing the results about 5 days in. I don’t know about you guys, but I call that a win!

My skin type is more on the dry side but the Skinceutical site states that this product is great for all skin types: dry, oil and combination.

Because this product is a bit of a splurge I started to cut back on my daily use so that I could make the product last longer, haha. #ballinonabudget I now use it about every 2 days and mix it in with my night cream so that my skin can fully absorb it through the night. Again, I have been using this since September so the serum has lasted some time now. You really only need about 2-3 drops added into your palm with your day or night time moisturizer.

I can’t recommend this product enough! If you try it or are already fan I would love to hear!

xo, Roselyn

If you loved this post, you may enjoy “Beauty Products I am Loving: Huda Beauty Lipstick.

Beauty Products I’m Loving: Huda Beauty Lipstick

Hi babes! I’ve been crazy over the Huda Beauty lipstick lately that I’ve bought so many shades I figured it was time to share with you all! I mentioned in this post that I started using Huda Beauty lipstick after fashion week but I’ve basically bought all the remaining colors since then LOL.


Here are my top 5 colors that have been on rotation:

Demi Matte – SHEro – Peachy Nude – I love this one for everyday at the office

Demi Matte  – Day Slayer– also a great everyday nude but a bit darker than SHEro

Demi Matte – SheEO – A brown Nude

Demi Matte- Game Changer – Light Coral

Demi Matte- Lady Boss – A vibrant berry pink – Perfect for date night

They also have a ton of colors in the Liquid Matte. I have this lipstick in the shade trendsetter but because my lips tend to get dry the demi matte formula has worked better for me! It’s a matte finish with a touch of a glossy look which I love! The liquid matte is a straight matte. Both great but if your lips get dried out easily like mine the demi matte is the way to go!

Also, how fun are these names? Can I just be hired by a beauty company to name their lipstick shades or nail polish colors? #dreamjob LOL

Let me know if you guys have tried Huda Beauty or what your current favorite lipstick is!

Also, SURPRISE! I’ve team up with some great bloggers to give one lucky person a $1,000 gift card to Nordstrom! Please see details below.

xo, Roselyn


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