7 Year Wedding Anniversary Copper Gift Ideas

“We made it!” – Brandon this morning LOL. Today we are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary so I wanted to share some fun copper gift ideas including what I got him!

We always do a trip for our anniversary so we don’t really buy each other gifts but me being me always wants to do something even if it is small so I started following the traditional anniversary gift calendar and year 7 is copper!

copper anniversary gift ideas
  1. Collar Stays – A perfect and inexpensive gift for your man. Especially if he wears dress shirts frequently. These are the exact ones I bought Brandon 🙂
  2. Copper French Press – A great gift for the coffee lover in your life! AKA, me babe 🙂
  3. Copper Sound Wave – I thought this was such a cool idea for home decor. You can turn a voice or a song into this cool looking sound wave. There are also a ton of different background options as well.
  4. Cheese Board Set – A sweet gift option for someone who loves to entertain. I have this board but unfortunately mine didn’t come with the knives set.
  5. Copper Mugs– These are the copper mugs Brandon tried to surprise me with but I accidentally opened the package when it came in LOL. I also saw these wine glasses.
  6. Copper Constellation Picture – I always wanted to order a custom sky art picture! You can pick the night sky from whatever special date you choose. First date, wedding day, first day you met, etc.
  7. Copper Utensils– These are so chic!
  8. Cuff Links– Cuff links are always a great idea for your man if he wears suit jackets often. I bought these 2014 penny ones for Brandon but I really like these personalized ones too.
  9. Cooking Utensils – Great for any cook but if they don’t cook, these are still really pretty LOL. I may just order them for myself!
  10. Copper Frame – I thought this frame was so cute! If it went with our decor I would have totally ordered one of these.
  11. Money Clip – Love this personalized one!
  12. Copper Cookware– For the cook in your life!
  13. Catch All Bowl- Anyone could use something like this. I also found this one that is a little more masculine.
  14. Keychain– Such an expensive but thoughtful idea
  15. Wine Rack– Bonus points if you fill the rack with wine too! 🙂
  16. Beverage Tub– There are so many different ones you can get. I also love this personalized one from Etsy.

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I hope this help those of you that might be needing a copper gift soon!

copper wedding anniversary gift ideas
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