Sister’s Sweet & Simple Boho Room

boho toddler room

I was scrolling Pinterest one night and as soon as I saw rainbow wallpaper I knew that’s what I wanted to put in sister’s room. I love how sweet and subtle the shade of pink is but the assortment of rainbows keeps it super fun for a toddler!

So going off of the rainbow accent wall, I wanted to keep it pretty simple but boho themed. I love that both her and Landon’s room are very themed but still really simple and easy to keep organized. The playroom is where the disaster or a mess can happen LOL but I want them to feel calmness in their rooms.

I’m so happy you guys helped me decide on doing a bigger gold mirror! I originally bought the 20″ but it was too small for above her dresser so I ended up purchasing the 30″. I felt like it still looked a bit plain on its own so I added the dream catchers and pretty artwork. The dresser is from Delta Children and I also put a ton of these organizers inside to help keep everything organized.

Sister was playing peek a boo with her book which actually made for the perfect picture to share! This is her little reading space. She LOVES books! Her and Landon take turns sitting on this chair and pretend they are the teacher reading to the class AKA me and Daddy, haha.

These boho style baskets are usually overflowing with stuffed animals but somehow most of them made it to Mom and Dad’s room yesterday! I purchased the cactus artwork from At Home for my old office and wasn’t going to use them anymore so I am happy they worked in her room!

The round wicker wall decor is from Amazon but it looks like it’s sold out right now so I will link some options below that would work too!

boho toddler room

I am in love with this wallpaper from Wall Blush. They have some other rainbow options as well but this one I really loved! They were also super helpful and responsive with questions I had. Helped me figure out how much wallpaper I needed.

This cute house bed was literally the first thing I bought for her room LOL. I love it and so does she. Also, big brother swings from it sometimes (don’t try this at home folks!) so I think he loves it too 🙂 Hers is toddler size but it comes in twin bed size as well. Mattress is from Delta Children.

Sister’s pretend dress up station. Usually filled with princess dresses and shoes. I love that this one has a place to hang jewelry and a mirror on one end.

By the look of sister’s cute little jump, I think she loves her room too! Oh and I bought this pretty little basket to hold her most worn bows so I can easily grab them. I think it would also look great on an entry way table for a “catch all” space.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the items here!


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