Ya’lls Favorite Amazon Purchases From 2020

Reading through your favorite purchases from Amazon was way more fun than just me listing my favs! There were so many good ones but I narrowed it down to the top 30! These were ones that were sent in multiple times from a lot of you!

best amazon purchases

Favorite Amazon Purchases From 2020

  1. Desktop Vacuum – This is actually genius and funny LOL. I’m always getting crumbs on my desk when I am snacking and working!
  2. Tinkle Razor – Yep, I can agree this one is a must for all the ladies! If you have never used one, I wrote a blog post about them here.
  3. No Show Socks – I feel like I have tried so many no show socks and none of them stay up! I agree with you guys when you said these are the best no show socks ever!
  4. Milk Frother – Apparently I am the only one in the world that doesn’t own a milk frother? LOL
  5. Essence Mascara – Okay I don’t wear mascara really because I have lash extensions but holy moly the amount of you who raved about this product!!
  6. Silicone Loofah – I have talked about this product many times before. Loofahs harbor so much bacteria. Silicone is super easy to clean when it gets dirty and limits bacteria.
  7. JS Joy Initial Necklace – For $11 I am gonna have to buy one for myself too!
  8. Silicone Baking Mat– This was probably one of my fav purchases too! Easy to clean and less foil being used!
  9. Drill Brush Attachments for Cleaning – OMG! I totally forgot I own this and also trying to remember where I placed it during the move? LOL. Anyway, I was influenced to buy this after I had paint splattered all over my old office tile floor. Instead of it taking me forever to clean up the dried paint I purchased this, attached to Brandon’s drill and easily scrubbed the paint right off with just water! Use for cleaning grout, bathrooms, all the things! It actually works so well and I can’t believe I forgot I had one, haha!
  10. Quilted Comforter Duvet Insert – When we were searching for a new comforter, this was the one that was most recommended. Not surprised it made ya’lls list for top favorite Amazon purchases for 2020!
  11. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – A must have if you are in front of a computer or even on your phone a lot!
  12. Kid’s Echo Dot – We love our echo dot in the kitchen and had no idea they had this cute kid’s one! Definitely buying one for sis and Landon stat!
  13. Scalp Brush – Ummm, you already know I go many days without washing my hair but it sounds like I can go even longer with this scalp brush ya’ll love! It’s also supposed to help promote hair growth.
  14. Pet Grooming Glove– Also need this! Cali and Tex shed quite a bit and I am sure they would prefer this glove that just feels like we are petting them versus the shedding brush we currently use.
  15. Broom and Mop Rack – We actually have this exact one! I can’t take credit for the find though. Brandon purchased it to keep the mops and brooms organized and off of the floor. I’ll have to tell him you love it too!
  16. Acupuncture Mat– Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait just a minute! I am intrigued and am buying it lol. I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts!
  17. Charcoal Peel Off Mask – Probably the #1 beauty item recommended from you. I have never tried this brand so I’ll be adding to cart as well.
  18. Glycolic Face Wash – This face wash I can personally and highly recommend as well!
  19. Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat – I own this and it works just as good as the other name brand, more expensive cleaning mats!
  20. Kitchen IQ Knife Sharpener – OMG, I actually need one of these!
  21. Fabric Defuzzer – Can be used on clothes & couches!
  22. Satin Pillow Cases – There are so many options on Amazon but this set of 2 satin pillow cases have over 80K 5 star reviews. If you have been wanting to purchase the Silk pillow cases but haven’t yet because the price tag. These are worth a try.
  23. Foot File – Add to my list of the most random but amazing things I have ever purchased from Amazon. I originally bought it for Brandon but used it once and I was HOOKED!
  24. Portable Steamer – From your messages sounds like I need one of these in my life!
  25. Eufy Robo Vac– I feel like everyone needs a robovac! This specific one was the most recommended by ya’ll!
  26. Santal Oil– The luxurious scent that took Instagram by storm! 🙂 It is my fav oil to diffuse and I think I have repurchased already 4 times now.
  27. Electric Candle Lighter – So apparently this is a rechargeable lighter? The more I read the more I thought “this is genius!”.
  28. Makeup Eraser – Game changer! I have some from Ulta but a lot of you recommended this Amazon one! It makes removing makeup so much easier and less messy.
  29. Skin Oil– I can attest to this amazing product! I can’t believe how quickly it changed the appearance of my skin! Def grab a bottle if you have never tried it! Hundreds of ya’ll already have said you love it!
  30. Facial Steamer– Since so many people couldn’t get to a spa most of last year (or at all!) a lot of us purchased this! This is the exact one I have.

Thank you for helping me compile this list! So many things I don’t have yet but will be purchasing to try myself! Anything on the list you don’t own yet but want now? I’d love to hear!


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