2021 Brain Dump + Easy 2 Step Guide To Goal Planning

Ya’ll I am so excited for the new year! I mean, I feel like I am always excited for the new year but after last year I feel like I have so much to make up for LOL.

I had planned to get all of my goals in line and thoughtfully written out to share them with you but then I thought maybe I should share how I goal plan. It’s not the most organized because I am just not naturally an organized person but it has worked for me so I thought I’d share! “2021 Brain Dump” seemed like the perfect title for all of the thoughts, goals and plans I currently have in my head LOL.

Important Things TO Remember WHen You Goal Plan

  • Write everything down and don’t worry about it being organized the first time around. Literally brain dump every single thing your little heart desires for the new year. Just writing them down will already make you feel better and motivated
  • After writing them down separate into categories (I go into more detail below)
  • Once all is categorized, sit down with your significant other to discuss all goals that will involve the both of you. Basically if you are married, that means all of them 🙂
  • After goals are decided and agreed to between the both of you then start writing everything down into a calendar to help make a more realistic game plan by month and quarter

A Breakdown Of My 2 Main Steps To Goal Planning

  1. Write Everything Down – Literally brain dump everything onto a blank piece of paper. And when I say everything, I mean everything even its a “stretch” goal. Whatever your heart desires, WRITE IT DOWN. When you are done with the brain dump exercise move onto separating everything into categories.
  • Categories: Mine are 1) God 2) Marriage 3) Family 4) Work 5) House 6) Health
  • Things that fall under God are things like start everyday with prayer, read more Christian based books, etc.
  • Health: Things that fall under this category for me are how many times I want to workout a week and eating habits. For example, I will be going all mostly plant based meals this month. I can talk about this later too. I want this blog post to be more centered around how I goal plan not what my goals are. The health category for you can look different. Maybe you want to cook more at home or cut caffeine out, etc.
  • Marriage, Family, and House goals are all goals that Brandon and I discuss together. We typically come up with lists separately and then we solidify them together. This is pretty easy after the first few years because a lot of it remains the same or we just add stuff to it. This is also a good time to discuss things you both want for yourselves. Does your S/O need a guys night or just a Sunday alone every once in a while? If you both are working from home still, discussions like these upfront are helpful. Brandon knows I need girl time for my sanity LOL. These categories can cover how many times a week ya’ll need to have sex, family trips you want to take, house renovations, etc. Happy Spouses Make Happy Houses. LOL. I just made that up!
  • Work: These goals are my personal goals for my blog. How much I want to make, who I want to work with, what areas of my business do I want to grow, etc. I always share these big dreams with Brandon because I like him to hold me accountable. Also important financially since the blog is now my sole income and Brandon is RoselynWeaver.com’s self proclaimed CFO. 🙂

2. Break It Down Onto A Calendar & Work “Backwards“: After you have your list of goals made, categorized and talked through with your S/O it’s time to break it all down onto a calendar and work “backwards”.

  • Okay so for example, if I want to do 2 date nights a month, 2 family outings, a bible study with my husband and see my GF’s, I need to write that all into a calendar and see if how realistic I can make it for any given month.
  • And for my business, if I want to make xxxxxx amount for the blog for the year I divide that up by 12 months and then I look at my past income trends and make each month more realistic on what I truly think I am able to bring it.
  • For all of my home decor pinterest dreams, I have to also break it down by how much time and funds we will have to decorate whatever space I have planned for each month. I’ll tell you right now my Pinterest pinning dreams don’t match my budget LOL but I wrote them all down anyway. I’ll do what I can each month and then everything else might happen or it will be carried over to the next year.

**Writing everything down onto a calendar helps me write a more realistic, attainable plan. Otherwise I just have a million to do lists in my head for the year telling myself “yeah I can totally do it all”.

Goodness, that was a long explanation for my 2 step brain dump process LOL. Thank you if you are still here 🙂

I hope this might help some of you who are stuck on where to start because you have so many things that you want to achieve for your family this year. If you have any questions or want to talk through this goal planning process I am more than happy to help! You can always email me at info@roselynweaver.com.

Happy New Year babe! You got this!


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