8 Amazon toddler items that Make learning more fun

Mama’s out there trying to teach your kids, work from home, stay quarantined, stay active, remember to wash your hands, and basically do all the things. I SEE you! And I feel you LOL! Last week was a learning one for all of us. Landon is still getting used to being at home all day with mama and now Daddy is officially working from home as well so now mama is trying to get used to him being home all day too 🙂

I have to be honest though I am actually loving being Landon’s substitute teacher! I mean, don’t get me wrong, he tests me for sure! But I have really enjoyed putting together his learning activities and seeing him learn so many new things. I am sharing a few things that we have either had or recently ordered from Amazon that helps make our learning activities more fun and our “school space more organized!

  1. Laminated Learning Charts – We have had these for a few months now and Landon loves them! It’s a fun way for him to get to play the teacher while he points out the shapes, numbers, letters, etc. all while keeping the learning going. I linked the exact ones that we have above but it looks like it will take approximately 2 weeks to get to you if you order them today. They were available via Prime when we got them. If you need them sooner, I found this set of 8 that can arrive this week.
  2. Magnet Tiles – There are a ton of different brands out there but we love these specific ones because they are really sturdy. Also an easy and fun way to get your toddler to play around with building things with different shapes. This set comes with 100 pieces but if your wild child likes to build really, really tall buildings and watch them fall like mine, lol, I suggest buying 2 sets. We purchased 3.
  3. Art Easel– One side is for chalk and the other side is for dry erase markers. Great for learning time and art time. You can use the clips that are included to hang your laminated charts and also hang poster paper if your kiddo wants to pant.
  4. 3 Piece Table and Chair Set– Just purchased this little set! We were doing our learning time all over the kitchen table and coffee table which is totally fine but now that we are all three working from home 🙂 I thought it would be a good idea to give Landon his own learning table downstairs so he knows that space is his. Even though he really does think all the space in this house is his 🙂
  5. Reusable Sticker Books– Landon loves playing with stickers but I always thought it was such a waste letting him put stickers on surfaces and then having to throw them away later. Now that we are doing sticker time more I wanted to find another solution. I have been letting him play with stickers that go with the letter of the day. For example, if we are doing the letter F, I let him play with stickers of flowers, firefighters, etc. I don’t want to keep throwing these perfectly good stickers away so I purchased these reusable sticker books.
  6. Glitter Letter Foam Stickers– I use these in different ways. My favorite one is, if we are practicing the letter “F”, I throw some letters in a bin of kinetic sand and let Landon search for them and find all of the “F’s”. You could also just throw the letters in a pile but the sand makes it a little more fun 🙂
  7. Kinetic Sand – Speaking of sand, we love how this sand is not messy and the littles can get so creative! You can also buy the sets like this one that come with sand molding toys or you can use your own bin of sand like I talked about above. You could also throw cars in there for “C” day or shells in there for “S” day.
  8. My Calendar– This magnetic wall calendar is a great way for toddlers to learn how to better understand the days of the week, seasons and even weather! If you are anything like me, you probably could also use help on what day of the week it is LOL.

So these are the top 8 things we have been loving for our home school life as of lately! I think your toddler would love them too! Let me know if you all have any of these already! I’d love to hear 🙂


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