Golden Goose Sneakers: Are They Worth The Hype?


As soon as I purchased my Golden Goose sneakers I got so many messages asking if they are really worth the price tag. Which is totally a legit question because they are a splurge purchase and definitely the most I have ever spent on a sneaker. These Italian made sneakers quickly became an “it” shoe and the trend is not going anywhere any time soon!

If you are someone that wears sneakers on the regular, I don’t think you will regret it! The question, “are they worth it?” is subjective but in my opinion I think they are definitely worth the hype!


Below are some of the things I love about these popular sneakers and why!

1- They Are Unique – Whenever each sneaker is uniquely designed, only a certain amount of them are made so I feel like that makes the sneaker you buy sort of “one of a kind” and I love that!

2- Comfort Level– The comfort level of the superstar low star sneaker is a 10 out of 10! I wear them all of the time with my casual looks but I really put them to the test when traveling. I wear them so much whenever we travel and I cannot complain one bit about the comfort level. Before I purchased them I read a few reviews where people were saying that they felt they had to break theirs in first but honestly mine were comfortable right off the bat.

3- Built In Wedge Heel – There is a built in wedge heel that you can’t see from the outside. If there’s a sneakers that is going to make me look taller and my legs longer, count me in! I think this also plays a big part in the comfort as well.

4- The Worn In Look – I know the “dirty” sneaker look isn’t for everyone but I actually really love it. Every time I get a new pair of white sneakers I get so crazy about not getting them dirty and now that I am constantly chasing after little man and seems as he’s always stepping on my feet lol I can appreciate the “dirty” look charm of these shoes!

So obviously I am a huge fan of these Italian made Golden Goose sneakers but if its not within your budget, of course there are so many other styles that have been inspired by this popular shoe so I am linking some below for all budgets!

Shop Golden Goose and other styles:

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