Polka Dot Romper + Life Update

Hey loves! It’s so crazy because I feel like January was moving so slowly and then bam! here we are in the month of April! We have had a lot of things happening over here and although I feel like I chat with you guys daily over social media I haven’t gotten to share many life updates with you in a while so I figured I’d take some time to share with you all today!


Before we get into the details of life, let’s talk about this polka dot romper real quick. Yes, it’s a romper! It totally looks like a wrap dress from the front and back but this one is for all you mama’s chasing after your little ones! Have no fear about having a Marilyn Monroe moment, this Loft Outlet romper has you covered! Literally πŸ™‚

Outfit Details: Dress: Loft Outlet | Heels: DSW


Outfit Details: Dress: Loft Outlet | Heels: DSW

Things I Told Myself I Was Going To Do More This Year But Haven’t…

Volunteer More: I told myself at the beginning of January that I was going to start volunteering more and honestly I haven’t put aside time to do any volunteering and it’s already April! I know that life gets busy and while I am greatful for the additional opportunities that keep my family and I busy, it’s more important to remember that giving my time to someone or to an organization that really needs a helping hand should be high on my priority list. I am putting this out there in the universe so that I hold myself accountable for making the time because trying to “find” the time isn’t working. There are so many organizations I would like to donate my time too but I think I will start off with making time to give back more to Arms Wide Adoption and American Diabetes Association since those organizations are already close to my heart. Stay tuned!

Date My Husband: All you mama’s out there know how important this is. I told my husband that we needed to do this at least monthly and I can count only 2 times that we have actually gone out without our little man. He has been so busy with work and so have I. So I am also putting this out there in the universe so that we actually go on a date this month! To all my local friends reading this, who wants to schedule a double date night?! We are super fun! LOL


You all celebrated a huge day with us in October as they terminated the rights of the bio parents and the judge ordered that baby Weaver not be removed from our home. That was a huge day for us. We all patiently awaited the next couple weeks as we thought they would just be filled with paperwork and final details to be signed off by the judge. You can read more about it all in this post I wrote in December. Well…since December we found out that the birth mother appealed the judges ruling. What does that mean? I’m not a judge or a lawyer but from our understanding and from what we have been told, that means the judge has a certain amount of days (180 I think) to review the entire case and ensure that everything that CPS was supposed to do legally was done. I won’t go into too much legal detail here because our agency and our case worker keep reassuring us that all will be okay and Brandon and I know God is in our favor. As of now, we are just looking at it as another chapter of the waiting game. What’s a few more months?! πŸ™‚ Hopefully we will have a finalization date soon. When we do I promise I’ll shout it from the roof tops and we can all celebrate together!

My New BFF…

LOL, there’s a story. So you all know that I had been looking for someone local to help me on a few things with the blog. Well I found her and she started with me last December! Her name is Cindy and I actually knew her already which made the decision a little easier. I promise I will give her proper introduction to you all soon!

I really needed someone to help me with my Poshmark stuff but she picks things up so quickly that I started giving her more responsibilities quicker than I planned which is all great since if you read all of the above I’m trying to do all the things; travel, volunteer, go on dates, grow my business, thrive in my career, change the world, you know. Minimal things. {insert sarcasm here} Anyway, she is the and when my parents were here I was telling them about her and how I was trying to think of a fun title for her because I don’t want to call her my assistant my dad’s response was “call her your BFF” LOL. It was seriously the cutest response. FYI, still taking suggestions! πŸ™‚

Upcoming Travel

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little bitter that I was invited to attend the Revolve Festival during Coachella this year but sadly had to back out due to my 8-5 obligations! I am literally so sad. #realitycheck LOL It’s not all fun and games over here people, haha! I do have to turn down so many fun opportunities! I’m literally already having fomo and Coachella hasn’t even begun yet! I did purchase some cute outfits before I realized I could not go so I’ll still share them with you next week and we can pretend we are at Coachella together. πŸ™‚

Brandon, baby and I do have some other fun travel plans as well as a few work trips in the upcoming months. We will be doing a weekend staycation in the Houston area later this month. In June I will be traveling to New York for work and towards the end of June the family and I are heading to Alaska for 10 days! If you have been, please send me all of your recommendations!

I will then be at a show in Chicago for work the 2nd week of July and I think Brandon and Baby Weaver will join me at the end of the week to enjoy a long family weekend there! I would also like to plan a trip to California to see my family at some point during the summer but dates are still up in the air! You all know I can’t go too long without seeing them, ha!

House Updates

Yes, we finished the “small” kitchen update that turned into a much bigger update (but so worth it!). I promise those pictures are all coming soon! We also ended up re-doing all of the flooring downstairs and I finally painted the fireplace bricks that I have been talking about for like a year πŸ™‚ Hopefully baby Weaver and I can keep our house clean enough for at least a few minutes to snap some pictures to share with you all next week! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much Charmaine! I really do appreciate all of your support!! Love you!! And also crying about this story. Any story regarding adoption makes me cry lol

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! Yes a busy year for sure but really feeling blessed! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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