The Style Lynn Life Travels: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Okay, literally cracking up over here because I am remembering all the fun we had in Amsterdam. Like almost getting ran over by a bike multiple times (you better get outta their way when you see them coming!), exiting the train station to get in a taxi and after the taxi driver tells us “oh no your hotel is only 3 minutes from here, you can easily walk”…30 minutes later we finally found our hotel!! It was literally 3 minutes away, but we kept getting wrong directions from people we asked LOL or maybe it was the plethora of what Texans would called “illegal smoke” that was surrounding our air flow!

And before you ask, no I did not partake in that while we were there! 🙂 However, read on and I’ll tell you what we did do! 🙂

amsterdam-what to do

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How We Got There:

From Brussels we took a two hour train ride to Amsterdam. I’m telling you guys, this is how you do Europe. One plane ticket and several very inexpensive train rides will give you an opportunity to explore so many places in one trip. Oh also, you may have to ask your boss if you can take a month off. Usually that’s the hardest part!

Where We Stayed:

Hotel Luxer. I described our Brussels hotel as chic so I think the word that would best describe Hotel Luxer is swanky. The furniture was all bright white and decor velvet purple. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown. Walking distance to the train station, restaurants and the red light district. You guys….everything you heard about the red light district is so real. (insert wide eyed surprised emoji here) If you do anything today puuhhhlleeease swing by my snapchat (roselyn_m) for the funniest story ever. 24 hours is more than enough time for that story to be out in the world. LOL. Not appropriate for a permanent blog post.

Also, I know this district is not most people’s “thing” but when you are in Amsterdam of course you have to go!! Plus they really great bars there and hello!, people watching at it’s finest!!

Where To Eat:

2 words. Dutch Pancakes. Also known as German Pancakes. The best way I can describe it is that it is in the form of a pancake but the like a crepe. And also like a Crepe, you can have a dutch pancake any way you want! I had mine with thinly sliced chicken, spinach and hollandaise sauce. Brandon has his with chocolate syrup, marshmellows and ice cream LOL. Sarah’s Pancake House is highly recommended.

Another one of our favorites definitely worth mentioning is Dabka. The best Lebanese food we have ever had!

And another brewery to add to this European beer tour is Brouwerij’t IJ. Also, know as the windmill brewery. It’s the only windmill left in the city and they made it into a brewery.

Coffee & Sweet Tooth Fix:

PSA: Marijuana smoking is allowed in all coffee shops here. Actually a lot of the best coffee shops here are known not only for their coffee but for their cannabis as well! Wait…why isn’t this place called sin city?

Anyway, you can grab a great cup of coffee at Barney’s coffee shop! And when I say coffee, I mean coffee.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy a stroopwaffel while you are strolling through the city. You’ll thank me later.

Amsterdam wasn’t always on my lists of places I wanted to visit, but after spending a few days there I can honestly say this is somewhere you just have to experience!!

Here a few things you may want add to your to do list while you are there!

what to do while you are in amsterdam

xo, Roselyn

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  1. Great post! I absolutely LOVE Amsterdam. I’ve visited the city 3 times and wouldn’t say no to another trip back. And I have to agree – the cyclists can be insane.


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