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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was full of friends and football! I have not always been the biggest football fan, but anything is fun when done with friends and nothing beats being at the game!



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So yesterday we got up early and road tripped to Dallas to watch the Cowboys vs Packers game. OMG, that stadium is massive! And I can’t complain about the sweet tickets we scored. Being it was our first time at the stadium it was even that much more awesome! We had access to where the players walked onto the field and I definitely can’t complain about the seats! Even though the Cowboys didn’t take the win it was such a great time! Our friend that we rode up to Dallas with planned on staying in town for some meetings this week so Brandon and I had booked flights to fly home after the game. Easy enough right? Well, on the way to the airport it starts pouring down rain and our phones start going off about tornado warnings! We get to the airport and they say our flight is delayed until 9:50pm. Still, that wasn’t bad because we would still get home at a decent hour. So, we check in, go through security, walk to our gate and then….flight gets delayed until 1am. O.M.G.

Because we didn’t have much faith that the flight was really going to leave at 1am because of the weather we got a refund our tickets and rented a car.  We figured it would have been one of those situations where we waited for our 1am flight and then it gets delayed again. We probably would have stayed the night if our poor pups weren’t outside and we didn’t both have to work today but it’s okay we made it home safely!! Still sad about the game, but we made it home safely LOL.

Did you all have a great weekend?! I sure hope so! Now the Cowboys are out, who are you rooting for to get to the big game?!

xo, Roselyn