Lipstick Shades For All Moods

Happy Friyay!

The other day as I was wiping off my “work” lipstick and putting on my favorite red shade I thought “hey maybe I should share some of my favorite¬†colors on the blog!” ūüôā So today I am doing just that!



Office Wear- I love this Stila¬†liquid lipstick¬†for work because it’s so pretty, girly and stays on all day! Color is Caramello.

Perfect for Everyday- This is the perfect pink shade for everyday wear. The finish is between a gloss and matte so it keeps your lips looking fresh all day! Color is Walkyrie.

Feeling Sassy- So blush pink may be my all time favorite color, but hot pink on the lips make me feel like I can conquer the world! I love the vibrant hue of this Clinique lipstick. It’s bold but I can¬†still get away¬†wearing it to a meeting or even church! Color is Rose Pop.

Favorite Red- Okay so really if I had to choose one lipstick/liner to live with my entire life it would be Nars Cruella! For real. I love it that much.

Date Night- It took me a while to find the perfect berry shade, but when I did I think I wore it for a few weeks straight and oh so perfect for date night because the shade is super sexy ! This shade is Bette.

These are my ultimate go to colors, but I love trying new ones so let me know what your favorite ones are! I’d love to try!

xo, Roselyn