First Timer At Citizen Pilates

Yay for Friday’s! Am I right?!

Today I am so excited to share my thoughts on my first Citizen Pilates experience with you! I really want to try and share a “Fitness Friday” with you at least once a month. Fitness is such a huge part of my life and I noticed I really don’t talk about it too much on the blog. Actually the last fitness related post I did here I was wearing the same shirt LOL! I promise I have more gym clothes!

*Warning: I am not the cutest person during a workout. 🙂

Citizen Pilates Houston

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First things first:

What does Citizen Pilates offer?

Citizen Pilates offers many types of classes from Reformer Fitness 101 to Core Control to Reformer Fitness Jumpboard (I’m intrigued to try this one!).

These classes are done on a stationery platform with a moving carriage that can be adjusted by a variety of springs that add tension to add that extra level of resistance to your workout. “The spring controlled resistance is used to build core strength, increase flexibility and endurance. The result is a strong, well toned body without muscle bulk.”

Where are they located?

As of December 2015, they now have 2 locations in Houston, YAY! One on Houston Avenue and one on Heights Blvd.

What to wear?

You can wear your typical workout gear that you are most comfortable in and sticky socks! There is a lot of movement and sticky socks will help you from slipping and sliding.

My First Class:

Danielle and I were lucky enough to participate in a blogger night class taught by Jess, the  founder herself. Let me start by saying during her introduction she spoke a little bit about herself and her team. She said “we all love teaching and we all believe in a healthy lifestyle, but yes we eat tacos, we drink margaritas…it’s all about balance” Immediately I was like “Hey, I want in on this team.” LOL

Once the class started I really enjoyed how she walked around and corrected form and posture ensuring you were maximizing the workout. She also kept calling out people’s names telling them “good job” when they were killing their moves. That made me feel really good. Even if it wasn’t my name she called at that moment, the motivation and energy is contagious. The intimate setting they have created at Citizen Pilates was one of my favorite things about the studio. This allows the instructors to really connect with the class ensuring everyone is getting the most out of their workout.

Let me tell you these moves are slow and controlled and you will start feeling muscles in your body that you didn’t even know you could work out. Some moves had your body shaking. Or was that just me? LOL. And this is coming from someone that works out 4-5 times a week. The movement with the bands on the reformer is a workout I just don’t get in the gym and I love that!

So you can probably guess that I will be back!

Have you tried these classes yet?! If not, you totally have to and if you are in the Houston area Citizen Pilates is offering 20% off any package with promo code PLANKNSTYLE.

Pilates date anyone?!

xo, Roselyn

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8 thoughts on “First Timer At Citizen Pilates

  1. I am in love with Pilates!! I have a bad lower back (herniated disc) and Pilates always makes me feel so much better!! If I am ever in Houston I will try them out!!

  2. Loved this post!! Fitness is a HUGE part of my life as well and never blog about it…weird. And, I loved how you started the post off saying you don’t look cute working look GREAT!! But, when I don’t have mirrors, I swear I look like the models on the gym posters…NOT the case in actuality!!! I wish they had a location closer to me ;-/



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