Work Wear + Tips For A Productive Work Day

Today I am talking about 5 tips that I practice to ensure I have a productive work day! Bonus tip *cute outfit. 🙂


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So just a quick life update…I got a promotion at work!!!!! I interviewed for a management position in December and though my family and closest friends knew about it I didn’t want to mention it here because I really didn’t know what was going to happen. Was I qualified? Yes. Did I have the experience that they were looking for? Yes. Did the interview go well? Yes. BUT life lesson number 1: Expect the best and prepare for the worse. So even though I secretly, so badly wanted the position I kept my cool and as soon as I received the offer I calmly accepted and then ran to the nearest stairwell and called Brandon! When he didn’t answer I called Mom LOL.

Anywho, very exciting news and I wanted to officially share that with you! So with the new role and ongoing goals to grow The Style Lynn Life I wanted to share a few tips on how I plan on staying productive. These are things I already do, but there is always room to perfect them.

  1. To Do Lists- Yes that is plural. I re-write my to-do lists every morning. One to-do list for my projects at work and one to do list for my after hours job aka the blog LOL. I used to keep one long list for both, but that just started driving me crazy because I was constantly seeing things on my list during my 8-5 that clearly I was not going to tackle until after 8pm that day so I was leaving work feeling unaccomplished even though I had done everything I set out to during the 8am-5pm hours. *Also, something else I started doing is making notes on my phone when I suddenly remember something I need to do when I’m laying in bed. If I don’t make that note I either 1) forget the next morning or 2) toss and turn because I’m thinking about all the things I need to do the next day. I’ve learned that jotting it down is half the battle and it definitely helps put my mind at ease.
  2. Schedule out your day- Put time frames on all of those tasks. Seriously this makes such a difference! If you think that report and analysis will take you an hour than block out an hour of your day to do just that! This will motivate you to finish your projects on time and realistically see what you can achieve in one day. Each day will be different of course, but once you start putting timelines on everything you will be amazed at how many things get done. I would even set alarms on my phone in case time starts to get away from me, that phone will keep me honest. Even if your projected time ends up not being enough time, that’s okay. At least now you know how long that project will take you in the future and it will help you prioritize your future to do lists. Which brings me to my next point….
  3. PRIORITIZE- Prioritize your task list. Use numbers, different colors, whatever! Not only will timelines help you prioritize, but know when you have the most energy. This time of day is different for some people. I have the most brain power in the morning and then again around 9pm LOL. So in the morning is when I try to tackle all of my more difficult tasks at work and around 9pm-ish is when I write blog content 🙂
  4. Decorate your work space- this task is a fun one! Yes, I know you may be thinking “it’s just my work desk or it’s just a cubicle” but think about how much time you spend at the office. Trust me, adding a little “you” to your work space will add a world of difference. Taking a breather from a project and looking over at that “Beautiful Minds Inspire Others” piece you have hanging really refreshes the mood. Or try and add some color to your work space. A plant, for example. In my case it’s a bright green (faux) plant in a marble vase. FYI- Hobby Lobby has some super cute desk accessories on clearance for an additional 60% off right now!! I went in today to get some wall art for my office and walked out with all these marble desk accessories. Anyway, that is a story for another day. This post is not titled “How to Stay Focused in Hobby Lobby”. 🙂
  5. Stay positive- Okay, this is a life tip that needs to be applied every second of the day. But seriously live by it in your workplace and your day will be so much more productive. I know it can be easy to get discouraged when we get last minute deadlines or maybe you feel that you are working harder than so and so in the office but first off quit comparing yourself to other people! 🙂 Secondly do you know how much time and energy goes into complaining? It’s draaaaaaiining and now you just lost 15 minutes of your day doing something that got you no where except more irritated. Okay sorry that description didn’t sound like I was being positive LOL but I’m just trying to say negativity is not my jam and I try not to bring it anywhere. Your energy is contagious and if you don’t want to come into a negative work place every day I suggest you lead by example. 🙂

Okay, this list could go on and on, but these are definitely my top 5 productivity tips for myself.

What are some things on the top of your list?!

xo, Roselyn

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5 thoughts on “Work Wear + Tips For A Productive Work Day

  1. Congratulations, Rosalyn!! I can tell from your voice that you truly are excited about this new endeavor and I am sure you’re going to be great at it!! I, too work in a corporate environment and can’t agree more with all your productivity tips, especially #4 and #5. I really believe in our own power to change our environment, attitude, and influence on others.. so decorating cubicle and desk space is always my priority!!

    Glad I found your blog!

    Jessica || Cubicle Chic


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