Family Photos & Our 2017 Goals

Today I am sharing some fun family photos that we were able to take while in California last week. I also thought it would be super fun to share the answers from all three of our generations when asked about 2017 goals.


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Dad (70) – “I don’t need a resolution”

*Obvi my Dad is a total bad a**. I hope to be as cool as him one day!

Mom (64) – “Going  to lose 10 pounds”

*She doesn’t care that it’s cliché, she’s losing 10 pounds this year.

Brother Kris (43) – after he answered “rule the world” I told him he couldn’t use that one. So he said the next best thing, “plan for his retirement”.

Brother Manny (40)  – “Spend more time with the people I love”

Sister Noemi (38) – “Read the entire bible this year”

Sister Crystal (34)– “Take better care of my hair”

Nephew Manny III (19)- Currently working on his dual citizenship to play basketball in the Philippines so his goal is to be there by the end of the year.

*Crying but excited for him all at the same time!

Niece Iliana (18) – “Travel to another country”

*That’s my niece alright!

Nephew Jordan (17) – “More positive thinking”

*We all need to learn a thing or two from this guy!

Nephew Jonathan (12) – “Make 30 points in a basketball game”

Niece Sierra (11) – Get “advanced” in all of her subjects

*She informed me that her friends call her Siri because she has the answer for everything 🙂

Niece Cienna (10) – Learn at least 24 songs on the clarinet

*Already getting chosen for solos

Nephew Bryant (9) – “Make 10 points in a basketball game”

Nephew Jerald (7) – “Learn to shoot 3’s”

*these boys love basketball, can you tell?!

Nephew Kristopher (6) – “Get all the boy toys at Kmart”.

*Dream big or go home right?!

Nephew Urijah (3) – I asked him what his goal was this year and he gave me this look…


So I know he has something good up his sleeve! 🙂

Me: I typically do not do resolutions, but a to do list for the year. Though the list Is quite large for 2017 (I’ll be sharing that in a separate post) I did think of a “resolution” I would like to work towards this year. To be more like my Mom and Dad. Time and time again I have talked about how amazing they are, but every time I see them it reminds me again of what great human beings they are. Not just to us because we are their children and grandchildren, but they treat EVERYONE that way. My parents have hearts of gold and not one mean bone in their body. If we had more godly people like that in the world we would be in a much better place so my goal for this year to is be more like them.

New year, new goals and with a support system like this anything can be achieved!


xo, Roselyn

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