Chic Comfort + Embarassing Moments

Happy Monday!

It’s all fun and games until someone walks out of the restroom with toilet paper hanging out of their pants!

If you are like most people and Monday isn’t one of your favorite days, read on as a reminder that your day could be a lot worse. 🙂



Sweater | Denim (similar here and here) | Heels (similar here and here) | Necklace

Let’s talk about this H&M sweater! Not only does it achieve the effortlessly chic look, but it is so comfortable too! I went shopping last week to pick up some easy to pack basics for our upcoming trip and obviously I couldn’t wait to wear this one! I bought it in 2 colors. Sorry not sorry.

Okay, so you may have read the opening of this post and thought “who is she talking about?” Well, the answer is, myself.

Sometimes I find myself in situations where I’m like “really?! Only that would happen to me.” So to brighten up your Monday, at my expense, I am sharing three embarrassing things that have happened to me and trust me these are NOT the only things, but I guarantee you a good laugh!

1. I took an early morning spin class a couple of months ago so I was showering at the studio before work. I had my towel hanging over the shower rod so it would be easily accessible after my shower. Well, apparently when I grabbed my towel I pulled down too hard and the entire shower rod came crashing down!!! So there I am soaking wet, towel now on the ground and frantically trying to put the shower rod back up. Thankfully no one was in the restroom at that moment but still that was SO EMBARASSING!

2. One morning I was rushing to get ready at the gym before work (apparently I need to stop getting ready at the gym LOL). I threw on my top and my skirt and headed on my way. As I was walking by the security guard in the office he stopped me and said “I don’t want to embarrass you but your skirt is unzipped”. Me thinking no way I forgot to unzip my skirt reached back and realize that my zipper was broken and the only thing holding my skirt together was the hook and eye closure at the top. Undergarments out and all. Needless to say I left that company the next day LOL just kidding, but I could never look at that security guard in the eyes again.

3. One girls night out my girlfriends and I were at a bar. I went to the restroom and as I was walking back to my friends a guy walked up to me and me just assuming he was going to try and “hit on me” immediately said “no thanks” then what he said back to me I will never forget. He said “I’m sorry I just wanted to tell you that you have toilet paper hanging out of your pants.” Omgeeeee!!! I could have died right then and there. That’s what I get for being rude LOL.

See what happened was, the restroom at the bar did not have any toilet seat covers so I laid down toilet paper in place of it. Apparently I got up too fast and it got stuck in my pants. Not exactly how that happened but it happened and it was embarrassing.

For days like Mondays, I like to tell myself, “it could be worse!” 🙂

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

xo, Roselyn


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16 thoughts on “Chic Comfort + Embarassing Moments

  1. Loving the wrap front style of this sweater and the color is gorgeous on you. Thanks for brightening my Monday with those stories–TOO FUNNY. I hear ya about getting ready at the gym…last week I was getting ready at OrangeTheory and realized I didn’t pack a bra. And I was supposed to wear a white tunic. Oops 🙂


  2. I love that top on you! Great color for fall.

    Your stories are very funny! I have had several similar things happen to me before!


  3. I love this purple on you! Omg those 3 embarrassing stories. I’ve had soo many similar ones. I literally Loled on #3 “no thanks” hahaha


  4. That color is beautiful on you. Thanks for starting my Monday off with a little laugh. Any of those things could happen to anyone but it’s great to see you laugh about them.

    Cheers, J

  5. First of all I am LOL!!! This is awesome and have all happened to us at one time or another!! The shower incident is my favorite!! Also, I LOVE your outfit!! XO

  6. I couldn’t stop laughing reading your post, it was amazing . Kudos to you,for narrating the stories!!! Finally i am Loving this this look,especially that sweater, perfect fall color! Waiting for more such stories from you! XO!! 🙂 :*


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