Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

I enjoyed chatting with ya’ll about teacher gifts! Teachers are truly angels on earth and deserve all the things to be celebrated! I loved getting gift ideas from you the past few weeks and it was so sweet seeing many of you use our gift ideas as well!

I’ve saved everything to Instagram highlights but uploading this permanent blog post so that you could reference the gifts we gave and I am going to include the top recommended gifts to give from many of you who are teachers!

teacher appreciation gift ideas

The list above includes the most recommended Teacher’s gifts to give. My love language is gift giving so ya’ll know I love to go all out on gifts but just a friendly reminder that you don’t have to include all of these gifts or even spend a lot of money! If you just want to do one or two things I would highly suggest asking your child to write a sweet note for their teacher and then maybe include a gift card. These teachers work so hard for our kids and many times they are buying extra supplies out of their own pocket!

IF you can, including some of their favorite things in the gift is a nice gesture too. It could be a candle, their favorite candy, etc. Most schools already have a “Teachers Favorite Things” list but if you are wanting to make your own for your child’s teacher to fill out, here some examples from Pinterest.

You can also check out a post I did last year where we put together a Teacher’s Survival Kit gift basket. This included a mini first aid kit, pens, dry shampoo, gum, travel size everything! You can check that post out here.

teachers gifts

Last week for Teacher Appreciation week we tried to gift a little something to the Teacher’s and staff for each day the kids were at school. First day we brought Starbucks coffee and sweets for everyone. The second day we put together “snack baskets” for the kids classrooms. This included individually wrapped snacks like chips, chocolate, jerky, trail mix, granola bars, gum and some other things. Basically everything in the snack aisle that was individually wrapped and I could fit in the basket LOL. On the third and last day of the school week the kid’s brought each of their teacher’s gift bags filled with notepads, flair pens, earrings, , Tarte Makeup and Skincare, chocolates and gift cards.

Just a friendly reminder to spoil our teachers friends! It doesn’t have to be teacher appreciation week!

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