Bathroom Organization

The other day I was cleaning the bathroom and realized even after I cleaned it, it still looked disorganized with our different color bottles and toiletries everywhere. I was trying to figure out how to make our master bathroom look a little more organized but still functional and then I found these bottles on Amazon! I already had the glass containers from the container store so I decided to put those to use too! I love how these simple and affordable things helped to make our space look a little more organized but still functional!

You can put whatever items you want to in the jars with lids. Bath bombs, q-tips, etc. I decided to use them for our cotton balls and bath salt.

I purchased the pre labeled bottles from Amazon because my handwriting is horrible but you can also buy glass ones and make your own labels! The plus about making your own labels is that you can have all of your bottles be the same color so it looks more uniform. I got the 2 different colors so Brandon knew which were his lol. I’ll link the exact ones I got below as well as other options so you can choose depending on your preference .

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