10 Amazon Items I Have Been Loving

I feel like this is the most random round up of items ever LOL! But these are some Amazon items that I have really been loving lately and I just realized that I haven’t shared most of these with ya’ll!

10 Amazon Items I Have Been Loving

  1. Silicone Loofah – A few months ago Women’s Health Magazine had an article about how much bacteria poof loofahs harbor and it made me throw mine out asap! Silicone is super easy to clean when it gets dirty and limits bacteria. Silicone is strong enough that it can even be boiled clean. I’ts also really gentle on the skin so I have one I use for Landon too!
  2. No Show Socks – Hands down the best no show socks I’ve ever had! I feel like I have tried so many over the years and they either don’t stay up or are too thin. These are the perfect amount of thickness and STAY UP!
  3. No Show Athletic Socks – The only socks I have been wearing to workout! They have the right amount of cushion and are so comfortable! I just ordered another pack.
  4. Facial Steamer – An affordable luxury to have at home! I probably use mine every 2 nights when I am doing my nighttime skincare routine. Also perfect for your self care days to give yourself an at home facial.
  5. Santal Aromatherapy Oil For Diffuser – I smelled this candle somewhere once before and immediately fell in love with the scent BUT when I saw the price tag of $75 for a candle I was shook! Needless to say I didn’t buy it. Well a few months ago I saw a few bloggers share this oil that they found on Amazon and I added it to cart so fast! Ya’ll this smell is L-U-X-U-R-Y! I am obsessed and it’s really a great scent for all year round!
  6. Folex Carpet Cleaner – Another product I was influenced to purchase because my friend Brit from Hello Honey Blog shared it on her stories. She legit let her son draw on her kitchen cabinet so she could share how easily she could get it off with Folex. I was sold! And so thankful I bought it after I decided to buy these white couches 🙂 Whenever I see a spot I immediately wipe it down with a wet towel, spray the Folex, let it sit for about 30 seconds and then wipe it clean with the same wet towel. It has worked like a charm for me!
  7. Drawer Organizer – I shared these when we first moved into the house. I still love these! It keeps everyone’s socks and underwear drawer so organized!
  8. Gold Under Eye Patches – The best, affordable eye patches. I keep mine in the fridge to get an even better cooling effect when I put them on.
  9. Skin Therapy Oil – This one is probably on my top list of skincare items I’ve ever purchased under $10! You’ll see a difference inu
  10. Gel Mask – Warning you will definitely look like Jason from the movie Friday the 13th when you put this one but #worthit 🙂 Immediately depuffs your face. You can stick in the freezer for a bit before you put it on to freeze the gel beads. It helps with puffiness, tired undereyes, etc. You can also put it in the microwave for a little heat therapy treatment. The most ridiculous but effective thing I’ve bought on Amazon LOL

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