What I’m Packing For Leavenworth Washington

Hey friends! We leave for Leavenworth, Washington tomorrow and I am so excited to explore a new city with my sweet girlfriends! Our itinerary includes some skiing and snow shoeing. I have not done either of those activities before so that makes me extra excited!

Below I am sharing items that I purchased for the trip. A lot of cute puffer jackets were added to my wardrobe this week because we really don’t wear jackets on the reg here in Houston but I know I will need them in the snow. I took a couple of mirror pics. Not sure I’ll be wearing these exact outfits together but I just wanted to make sure everything fit (leave it to me to try them on 2 days before we leave lol). I also wanted to make sure and link up everything for you guys prior to the trip so you can snag them before they sell out. The cognac puffer is my favorite piece and it sold out so fast some of the other colors and sizes so snag that fast if you want it!

What I’m Packing For Leavenworth, Washington