Life Lessons You Learn In Your Thirties

Woke up this birthday morning thinking, “do I feel wiser today?” because I definitely don’t feel older πŸ™‚


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Time has been flying by these past few years. We’ve had hard times and we’ve had amazing times and through these times I always learn something about myself. Below are 10 things that have become even more important to me in my old age πŸ™‚

  1. Overprepare and then go with the flow- It is always a good idea to overprepare. Whether it’s for a work presentation or a trip. It’s better to be prepared for a 30 minute presentation that gets cut down to 5 minutes than prepare for a 5 minute presentation that you have to stretch out to 30 minutes.
  2. Family is everything- As you know I am very close to my family but the older I get the closer we become. That bond is so special and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Yes, families will argue. We are human but in the end it is important to make it right with them because we only get one!
  3. We don’t have to win every argument- back to number 2 or to my early 20’s :), winning an argument isn’t important. People are going to have their own opinions and it’s not our job to change them. Agree to disagree.
  4. God loves us because of who he is, not because of what you did or didn’t do- My parents raised us to be faithful to God. We religiously (no pun intended) went to church and were involved. The older I get I find myself turning to him more and also the more I learn I realize he loves us because he’s a God of Love. He does not hate or seek revenge for what bad things are happening in the world or for what bad things we have done. He forgives and he gives but we have to be willing to accept him. Also, #4 should really be “love like God”.
  5. Start saving for retirement asap- Thank goodness for Brandon forcing me to put more money away because if it wasn’t for him I’d be living in a shoe box…but with really fabulous shoes πŸ™‚ Seriously though educating yourself on things like insurance and 401k will pay off.
  6. Invest in your skin- In my 20’s I laid out in the sun almost everyday after class, I fell asleep with my makeup on and the lotion I used on my body was the same lotion I used on my face. Skincare is so important and I am constantly changing it up to see what works for me. Everyone is different but remember the eye cream, anti aging cream and SPF is so important. Don’t wait until you need them to use them.
  7. Learning to say no- Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered this just yet but I promise I am learning a little each day. The other day I was having wine with one of my best friends and we were diligently trying to find a day to take a road trip. As I was telling her some of the things I had coming up she said “you need to learn to say no so that you can spend more time with your close friends” and then it hit me. She is so right. I think I’m saying no often but I need to say it more. I told Brandon what she said the next day and he was like “that’s funny that she said that because I was going to tell you the same thing at our meeting”. BTW- yes Brandon and I have meetings to go over schedules, priorities, to-do’s, etc. Also, typing that made me realize, yikes I really do need to say no more often. Scheduling weekly meetings with your spouse is totally normal though right?! In my defense it’s because I don’t like talking about money and not so fun stuff at date night so I’d rather do it separately.
  8. Don’t waste time on relationships that don’t add value to your life- this might be a little harsh but in your thirties you learn to be more direct. I’ve spent too much time in the past investing in people who weren’t invested in me. I’m all about helping people and doing what I can for them but if you begin to see that they have no interest in helping themselves than your wasting your precious time that could be used and appreciated by your real friends and family.
  9. Treat yo’self!- even though Brandon makes me talk about 401k and saving money (insert eye roll here) we do set aside a budget for all the fun things we love in life. Travel, nice dinners, shopping, etc. You work hard and deserve to treat yourself!
  10. Don’t compare yourself to anyone- Everyone has good days. Everyone has bad days. No one is perfect and we don’t fully understand their journey. Be happy for people’s successes and have compassion when life has thrown them a curveball. I’m sure that this saying came from a 15 year old but I’ve learned to embrace it more now that I’m well intoΒ  my thirties, “you do you girl“.

xo, Roselyn

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