(ROSE)LYN: Say my name, say my name

So as soon as I received this rose applique dress I knew I had to write a post about my  commonly mispronounced name!


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How cute is this dress with rose applique? So cute right?! And it’s under $20. I’m a sucker for white dresses for summer and the bell sleeves just screamed “you need me”.

Okay, so onto my name/names. 🙂 It’s so funny because even two of my sweet blogger friends who I have known for about a year called me Roslyn a few weeks ago. Roslyn is pronounced; rozlyn. My name is Rose (like the flower) lyn. Don’t feel bad if you have pronounced my name wrong. Roslyn is actually a much more common name than Roselyn so I get it all of the time!

And to make things even more confusing, people always ask why I spell @style_lynn with 2 n’s and my name with only one. Well…technically my name is truly spelled with 2 n’s. My husband highly dislikes this story LOL.

The name on my birth certificate is actually Rose Lynn. Not first name Rose, middle name Lynn. My first name just consists of 2 names like Mary Anne.

So, even though my birth name is Rose Lynn my parents let me spell it Roselyn my entire life. On my school work, legal documents, etc. 🙂 I couldn’t even tell you at what point in my life I actually realized I wasn’t writing my name totally correct. So you can imagine the look on Brandon’s face the day we went to get our marriage license. He was like “do I even know who you really are?” LMBO. Oh and then when we went to the social security office to change my name after we got married I received a huge eye roll reaction from Brandon when I asked “what if I just changed my name completely right now? What if we just both change our last names to something different for fun? We could have changed our last name to Lovely and my first name to Doctor so that people had to call me Doctor Lovely.” hahahha I was cracking myself up and Brandon was not amused with my idea! LOL

So whenever you forget, just remember rose like the flower not roz. Or you can always call me Lyn, that’s what my family calls me, Rose is what my best friends call me. Or if all else fails, just call me Doctor Lovely. 🙂

xo, Roselyn

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8 thoughts on “(ROSE)LYN: Say my name, say my name

  1. This is probably my favorite look from you ever! You look so gorgeous. It’s funny because I have pronounced your name the right way this whole time but kept thinking maybe I was wrong hehe.

    1. Awww thank you babe!! That is too funny! Yeah the other day a blogger friend was like “I was pronouncing your name the right way and then someone corrected me so I thought I was wrong” lol!! Happy weekend love!

      1. Thank you thank you thank you so much Juli!!! I truly appreciate that and you have always been so sweet!!!

  2. This is such a gorgeous dress babe! It’s the ultimate summer LWD! So people never mess us my name (Sharon) but a year a go when I got a work mate who would confuse Sharon with Carmen…and I was like come one, the two names are not even related!! Every on e at work thought she was crazy!! haha

    1. Lol!! That is too funny!! I always get a kick out of the way they spell my name at coffee shops too!! ??


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