Interview With Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner guys and I am so happy that I got to snap these pictures when I was back home a few weeks ago! 🙂



Is my Dad’s looking down, walking pose on point or what?!

Top | Denim | Earrings | Heels (similar) | Watch

You might notice that I wear this watch A LOT. Well,  last December my Dad literally give it to me right off of his wrist! I promise you guys I did not ask for it! I just complimented that I really liked it after he opened it. YES, IT WAS A GIFT!!! From my Mom you guys.

Anyway, when we got back home that afternoon my Dad was like “I want to give you this”. What?! I was like “omg, no Dad. That was your gift! I was just saying that it looked really good on you”. My Mom then said that the whole way home my Dad was saying that he really wanted to give me his new watch as a congratulations gift since I had just gotten a promotion at work.

It’s not about the material things at all but this is just such a great example of how kind and giving my parents are. This is not only sometimes. This is literally how they are all the time. That’s why in this post I was talking about how I wanted to be more like them!

Okay so I thought it would be fun to interview my Dad with random questions for today’s post. You can also catch my fun mother’s day post here. I have been so blessed to be raised by those two. They are the most loving, supportive people I have ever known!

Let’s get to it. 

Me: What has been your favorite place to visit?

**you would never know because Dad doesn’t talk about himself much but this man has been so many cool places around the globe! Brandon and I are over here trying to catch up!

Dad: “Greece. And the Philippines of course.”

Me: Most embarrassing moment?

Dad: “I can’t think of anything.”

**Seriously, my Dad is too cool for words. I can think of my 10 embarrassing moments off the top of my head. You can catch a similar post here. My Dad probably has never had anything embarrassing happened to him or he’s just too cool to care LOL

Me: Most memorable moment?

Dad: “When I received a call from the Navy when I was in high school. I really wanted to join the Navy.”

**My Dad was born and raised in the Philippines so his dream when he was in high school was to join the military and be able to help his Dad provide for the family. I can’t imagine how he must of felt when he got that phone call knowing that life for him, my grandpa and his brother would only get better from there.

Me: Who was your role model when you were growing up?

Dad: “Of course my parents. They did everything for us.”

Me: What is your favorite thing about Mom?

Dad: “She’s a fun lady and she makes me laugh.”

Me: Is there anywhere you would absolutely love to go that you haven’t been before?

Dad: “All of the touristy places in the Philippines.”

**well dang! I was hoping Dad would say a place that we could surprise take him to but now I gotta save up all my pennies! LOL. Even though he was born and raised there, there are many beaches and tourist places on different islands he hasn’t been.

Me: What was your most memorable moment with Grandpa?

Dad: “When we both worked on the farm.”

Me: What was your first job?

Dad: “Helping my Dad work on the farm.”

Me: What is your favorite thing about being a Dad?

Dad: “Watching my children succeed in life.”

Me: Which one of us made you worry the most when we were growing up?

Dad: “Of course Lyn”

**LOL, a story for another day. I guess I was the wild child out of us 3 but I wasn’t that bad. 🙂

Thank you to my parents for always pushing me to put my best foot forward and not just telling me but showing me that hard work and kindness pays off!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post!

Happy Father’s Day weekend! Love you so much Dad!

xo, Roselyn