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3 Year Anniversary-Leather Gift Ideas For Him

Happy Monday!

This week is a very special week because 1) It’s a short work week and 2) The Mr. and I celebrate our 3 year anniversary!

If you read last years gift idea post here, you already know that I gave Brandon his gift a month early because I was just too excited to give it to him, haha! This year I (proudly!) held off until yesterday. Yes, it was still 3 days early, but hey that’s pretty darn good for myself!

I already revealed his gift on Snapchat last week, but I was able to take a better photo of it and I also wanted share some other great leather gift ideas with you!

Leather Gift Ideas- Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Travel Bag
  2. Leather Coasters (Brandon would especially appreciate these Texas ones!)
  3. Leather Planner Okay, how cute would it be to gift this to your significant other with date nights already jotted down?! SO cute right?! Too bad I just thought of it lol
  4. Personalized Leather Belts
  5. Passport Cover
  6. Personalized Watch Box (score extra points and buy him #9 and too) 🙂
  7. Laptop Bag
  8. Personalized Bota Wine Bag -this one isn’t for everyone, but I really love it because when we were in Barcelona, Spain  during our honeymoon we drank wine out of a bag just like this when we were hiking LOL. I might use it more than Brandon these days, but it definitely brings back some great memories!
  9. Watches here and here
  10. Monogrammed Toiletry Bag
  11. Shoes because who doesn’t like shoes!

Okay so 2 of the gifts I gave to Brandon were leather. One, a pair of shoes and one an embossed toiletry bad I really wanted to share with you!

Before the trilogy of Brandon and Roselyn even began he had a family crest designed and made a wax seal out of it. After a year of marriage he finally shared it with me LOL.

Well, because I could not find the original artwork anywhere and I didn’t want to ask Brandon for it and give off any hints, one of the sweet (and extremely talented) graphic designers at work recreated the seal for me electronically. I have so much appreciation for him because it took me about 2 days to even figure out what the wording was on the wax. All I had to do was figure out the words and he did the rest LOL. Once I received the file I was able to get it embossed on a new toiletry bag. We travel often and his toiletry bag was like 100 years old.

OMG it turned out so good!

leather anniversary gift ideas

I am obsessed with it and he really loves it too! Mission accomplished.

I hope you guys enjoyed my gift ideas and as always I would love to hear some of yours!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

xo, Roselyn


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