Casual Friday + Things Californians Don’t Say



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So as you know, I grew up in California and though I have been in Houston for almost 10 years now, not a month goes by that I don’t hear something I have never heard before!

In addition to the southern deliciousness of kolaches, chicken fried chicken, and fried pickles which are all things that were unheard of when I lived in California, below are the terms that have given me a great LOL session so I feel very strongly about sharing them with you!

 Madder than a wet hen

A metaphor describing when someone is angry. Apparently, when hens get wet they are livid. Who knew?! Not this Californian!

She’s got enough tongue for two rows of teeth

Describing someone who talks to much

Jibber Jabber

Someone rambling about nonsense. I actually hear this one every other day. When my hubby asks me what I am jibber jabbering about 🙂 LOL

You can put boots in the oven, but it won’t make biscuits

Meaning “you can say whatever you want about something, but that doesn’t change what it really is”

Half dozen of one, six of the other

Comparing two things that are exactly the same

Nobody drowns in their sweat

Hard work won’t kill you

All of these are probably my most favorite “who even thought of that!” sayings that I have heard thus far.

Some other terms you may have never heard of before because you are from the west coast like me:

Feeder– a term people use to describe the access road

Y’all– “you all”

Bless Your Heart– sounds sweet right? Well, it’s not LOL. I have found that this term is actually how some people speak ill of someone while still seeming to stay proper. Example: “She doesn’t know any better, bless her heart”

Coke– meaning any type of carbonated drink. When a Texan asks you what kind of coke you have, they are really asking you about any carbonated drink not just Coke. Coke can mean Sprite, Dr.Pepper, Root Beer etc..

Fixin’– meaning “I’m about to” Example: I’m fixin’ to go the grocery store, I’m fixin’ to get my nails done. You get the picture

Have you all heard these sayings before?! If not, use one in a sentence today LOL.

If you are from the south I would love to hear some new ones!!

Thanks for reading loves!

Wishing you a blessed weekend!

xo, Roselyn