5 Ways To Instant Happiness

Happy Monday!!

Did you all have a fabulous weekend?! I sure hope so! But now we are back to the Monday grind and if you are having the Monday blues I am sharing 5 ways to instant happiness! 🙂




Dress | Heels | Handbag (similar here and here) | Bracelets | Earrings (similar)


Okay, okay. I know some of you are reading this like this shouldn’t qualify for instant happiness. Maybe you are dragging into the gym at 5am or 5pm, but you gotta admit once you get those endorphins going it is such a good feeling. Not only do you have more energy, but you feel better about your accomplishment and you start to make better food choices throughout the week and in return makes you more happy overall.

Treat yourself to a yummy coffee (or tea)

This seems like such a little thing, but I typically make my coffee at home in the morning before I fight the battle of AM traffic. Something about stopping at Starbucks or a local coffee shop for an extra delicious coffee or an extra pretty concoction that is Instagram worthy totally makes my morning.

**Extra bonus: buy your coworker a coffee or pay for the person behind you in line. Making someone’s day is also a way to instant happy! For you and them!

Do a good deed

Doing something nice for someone, big or small is always a good idea. Not only are you helping someone else out, but you will feel so good about what you have done. If you are following me on snap (roselyn_m) you saw that last week I signed up to ride in Houston’s Tour De Cure. My company is a huge part of this event and it fundraises for the American Diabetes Association. I signed up to ride 35 miles and though I’m kind of scared because my cycling days consist of 45 minutes of “am I going to make it through this class” at Ryde, the overwhelming feeling of happiness that I was doing this for a greater cause totally outweighs my fear of “hopefully I don’t fall off this road bike in front of everyone”. So…small plug if you would like to complete your good deed today and help us reach our fundraising goal click here to make a monetary donation. Seriously, no amount is too small! 🙂

Plan your next vacation

Whether a vacation or a staycation, having something fun to look forward to is definitely a key to happiness. Maybe it’s to the next state to see a family member, maybe it’s a beach getaway with your nearest and dearest friends. Either way, planning something fun and being able to look forward to it makes me oh so happy!

Google “parent text fails”

Okay, I am seriously laughing out loud over here just thinking about it. Maybe you are having a not so great day and you just “don’t wanna” do any of the 4 things above. Grab that frozen yogurt, get in your pj’s, sit on your comfy couch and google “parent text fails”! Seriously, making Roselyn laugh since 2005 (insert laughing emoji here x 1000) Here is one of my favorites!


I have a bunch of other favorites too. Some not so appropriate for reposting LOL. You must google this and tell me what your favorite one is!!

Happy Monday guys! Complete some of these this week and feel some instant happiness! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!! I appreciate you!

xo, Roselyn

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