The Perfect Gifts For Kids 5 And Under

Ya’ll know gift giving is my love language and recently I’ve been getting some questions from readers wanting to get their nieces and nephews the perfect gift! So today I am rounding up a ton of really great gifts that the kids have loved getting and ones that we have enjoyed giving! Bonus: they are all available on Amazon!

toddler gift ideas

Sensory bins like these are always a good idea for both the kiddo and the parents because the kids love it and it keeps them busy giving mama a mini break haha! Amazon has a ton of different options too!

Magnets, wood puzzles and stickers are really popular with the under 3 group too! Camila can play with magnets and puzzles for hours!

Even though kids do love a good, LOUD toy, Mom and Dad usually do not LOL so I didn’t include many on here but I did have to give you this cute piano mat as an option because the kids love it and it’s not that loud 🙂

This doodle magic tablet, busy board and reusable drawing pad are also great! These are some of the things we always grab for church and a flight because they keep the kids entertained and they are quiet toys.

I will link everything below!

best gift ideas for kids

Even though sensory bins and wood puzzles are still a great option, in my experience the 4 year old stage is when kids start to get super curious about everything and start requiring toys that are maybe a little more challenging but still fun! Landon is obsessed with these “build a truck” type kits! You can take it apart and the kids screw all the pieces back on.

These magnet tiles and building kits will literally keep the kiddos busy for hours so even the parents will be thanking you for this gift 🙂

At this age the kids love to mimick everything they see Mom and Dad doing, so this Melissa & Doug coffee machine and sink are sure to be a favorite!

Pretend play is also very strong at this age so we have gotten the kids a few of these play tents and we switch them out every once in a while. They now have a fire truck, spaceship and a food truck tent!

This wood toy set and this makeup kit make a great gift because any girl at this age is going to be obsessed with unicorns and play makeup!

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