Mommy And Me Summer Outfits With JCPenney

mommy and me matching outfits

“The days are long but the years are short”. I have never related to that saying so much until this year! I feel like my babies are growing so fast and the other day I saw someone post something that said “you only have 18 summers with your kids. make them out”. Okay, BRB while I cry!

This summer was so extra special because it was the first as a family of 4. The days are flying by but we are still soaking up every last second of it!

Today I am sharing some of Landon and I’s outfits from some of our recent summer outings! All from JCP!

Outfit One: Summer Family Date Night Dinners

cute outfits for toddler boys

Once Landon discovered lamb chops and steak, GAME OVER! That’s all he wants to eat when we ask him what restaurant he wants to go to! So needless to say a good Brazilian steakhouse and Killen’s are places we frequent often!

Outfit Two: Summer Sports Activities

puma outfits
mommy and me matching outfits

Landon’s fav outdoor sport right now is basketball but we tried tennis the other day and I’m kind of ashamed to say he did much better than me. 🙂 But hey at least we both looked cute lol

Outfit Three: Summer Picnics

kids back to school outfits

The kids love packing up their snacks in lunch bags even if we are just eating snacks in the backyard so we make sure to “picnic” weekly! In the backyard, in the front yard, at the park, at the neighbors house in the driveway, etc.! They love a picnic!

Outfit Four: Summer Days At The Park

Even in the height of the Houston heat, these kids can play for hours!

cute workout clothes

What is your kids favorite summer activity?!