6 Tips To Stay Positive During a Difficult Time

how to stay positive
  1. Wake Up And Remember What You Are Grateful For – Every morning I wake up, like before my feet even hit the ground, I thank God for 3 things. I know things aren’t the easiest right now but thanking God for things like my health, my family, the fact that I get to wake up to another day is a great reminder to myself for things I should be thankful for. I also started to make Landon do this. It always makes my day to hear what he says too. Yesterday he thanked God for the good guys 🙂
  2. Do What Makes You Happy – Remember those busier times when we would say “I wish I had more time for that?”. This is the time ya’ll! Painting? Dancing? Learn a new language? Let’s do it! It’s sad for me to say but the thing I wish I had more time for back in the busier days is more quality time with my little family. I feel like we were all just moving so fast and Brandon and I both had so much going on that we were juggling family life. It truly does make me happy to have all this extra time together even though he does get on my nerves every once in a while, haha! Another thing that makes me happy is writing and blogging so being able to truly have time to write and communicate with you guys these days does make me happy 🙂
  3. Get Moving – Our schedules are all off right now so even though I haven’t been getting up early to work out I am making it a priority to get my workout in each day. Getting moving doesn’t have to be a workout video. It can be a walk, bike ride or simply just playing outside with the kids!
  4. Avoid The Negativity– The best thing to do during a difficult time is to avoid any additional negativity. This situation is hard. The unknown is scary. When the stay at home orders all began we were glued to the news 24/7 and it was making me scared and worried. Now I have learned to tune in for the facts and updates and then move on with our day. I also make sure I am having frequent calls with people I love. Facetimes and zoom calls with family and friends who make you happy is a great way to stay positive!
  5. Let Yourself Have Your Moments – Cry if you need to. Yes, I know you may be like “why is she telling me to cry in her 6 ways to stay positive post?”. Because you need to allow yourself to actually feel whatever you are feeling. Don’t dwell on these negative and sad thoughts too much but you are allowed to have feelings. We are all experiencing some type of loss right now. It’s okay to be sad, angry, confused, etc. Be honest with yourself about how you feel. Have a good cry if you need to. Lord knows I have had a few 🙂 Write down why you feel these certain things and then write down ways you can help yourself feel better about them. For example, I got super sad a few weeks ago because I miss my family like crazy. I know everyone is going through this right now but seeing people in the same cities with their parents and their parents being able to do drive by’s and visit from 6 feet away made me sad that I can’t even do that. I know it’s silly but it’s my truth lol. I allowed myself to be sad and then in return I decided the things I can do more to make this situation a little better is facetime them even more and also send hand written notes and crafts from Landon more often.
  6. Wherever You Are Be All There – I have this saying hanging in my office and honestly it’s such a great reminder. In life, you have control over your ability to be present in the moment, even if not control over everything. You have the moment. You can’t regret the past or see the future. The only way to be positive is to be here. Whether that be on the floor of your living room playing with your littles or sitting in the driveway enjoying a cocktail with your husband. Savor that moment. Enjoy these moments.

I hope you guys like today’s simple tips on how to stay positive during this time. These are things that help me so much and I hope they can help you too!

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