3 Things That I Do That Annoy My Husband + 10 Floral Maxi’s Under $60

Happy Friday!

To provide you with some Friday laughs I am rounding up 3 things that I do that annoys Brandon so much.

P.S. This floral maxi dress that I wore for our family photos is sold out but I found 10 super cute floral maxi’s under $60 for you!

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3 Things That I Do That Annoy My Husband

  • Doing everything at the last minute. Brandon is a PLANNER. Like borderline crazy, lol. If I need to do something by a certain date and I know it’s only going to take me like 20 minutes, I’ll do it the day before. In Brandon’s eyes, if I know I have to do it in 3 months and I have 20 minutes to do it then why not just get in done. Let’s be honest, I ain’t doing anything 3 months in advance. 🙂
  • The fact that I drink all of the pickle juice from the jar. I love pickle juice more than I love pickles. I have tried to buy just pickle juice but those drinks just don’t taste the same. He gets super annoyed that when he goes to put pickles on his sandwich the pickles are on the dry side lol.
  • He hates when I ask multiple questions in the same breathe. For example:

me: did you take out the trash? do you need me to take out the trash?

him: yes

me: which one?

him: if you would give me time to answer either of your questions you’d know


I am so guilty of this. I catch myself doing it all the time now and just laugh.

We are opposite in so many ways but that’s what makes us work! One more funny story before I share these 10 AH-mazing floral maxi’s under $60. I told him I was writing this blog post called “3 Things I Do That Annoy My Husband”. I said it’s titled that because I could only think of 3 things. Girl, he laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall out of his chair 🙂 LOL

10 Floral Dresses Under $60!

xo, Roselyn


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