5 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Require A Babysitter

Happy Monday love bugs!

Thank you all so much for reading last Friday’s post talking all about the fun stuff to do in Atlanta. One of the things that I loved about our trip was that it felt like we were on a continuous date day/date night since we were exploring and trying out new eateries all week long!

I’m sure all of you mamas know how hard it is sometimes to fit in a date night but we have been especially struggling with it because of our situation with baby Weaver. Since everything isn’t officially finalized yet, we can’t even leave him with a family member or close friend without them filling out paperwork and getting an FBI background check. No, I’m not kidding. I have the most loving girlfriend’s you guys and they have all asked to watch baby while Brandon and I go on a date night. And even though they said they don’t mind doing the paperwork and background check, I still really hate for them to have to go through all of that. Even when my family came in December, they had to get fingerprints done as soon as they got here and all that jazz. It is kind of annoying because here they are, the most kind people, flying thousands of miles to love on baby Weaver and I’m like “hey Mom, can you sign this paper first?’.

I mean, I get it. I see why the system has to enforce processes like this but when it’s personally happening to you and you personally know that your family member’s are genuinely good people, it starts to get you a little. Just being honest.

So anyway, something that I think is so important is “dating your spouse”. We get so caught up in life that it is so important that you put aside time for your spouse to keep that spark. Yes, we spend time at home together talking about our work day or things that we need to do but I love enjoying that quality time just laughing not thinking about a to do list and just enjoying each other. With our son and no babysitter, I thought it would be a good idea to recap some ideas to have a “date night” with your precious child in tow!


1- Try out new restaurants- I love this because Houston is constantly opening something new. You should know by now that I am a big foodie so eating is always at the top of my agenda. Grab the hubby and baby to try out a new brunch spot!

2- Invite friends over that have kids- Order in some yummy food and enjoy some board games while the kiddos play.

3- Go on a road trip or take a staycation- Just getting out of the house feels like an adventure. It doesn’t even have to be a trip to somewhere far but exploring new spots with your spouse always brings excitement! Plus the watching the baby discover new things makes my heart melt!

4- Beach stroll and sunset dinner- something about being on the beach is always romantic. We haven’t taken baby to one yet so I think it would be so fun to take him on a little beach stroll and then have dinner at a nearby restaurant while the sun sets. Plus that’s like bed time so he may fall asleep while we are having dinner LOL

5- Netflix and Chill- Sometimes after a long and exhausting week at work, you just want to put on your jammies and relax. Grab all of your favorite movie time snacks and snuggle up with your honey. This is great to do after baby goes to bed so you can have your one on one time.

*BONUS- If you are in Houston, the perfect date day would be taking the little one to the rodeo. This is something we do each year together anyway so it will be nice to keep the tradition with the baby!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I want to hear all of your date night with kid’s ideas too please!

xo, Roselyn


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