Purple Dress For Work + Eyelash Update

Hi guys! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I wanted to pop on today and give you all an update on my lash life LOL and also talk about this perfect work look!


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Outfit Details: Dress: ASOS | Heels: Steve Madden | Handbag: Target | Belt: Amazon | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 

First up, this Gucci belt…or Gucci dupe rather. I’m usually not a faux designer type of gal but my friend Shelbi was raving about this one so much I had to give it a try. You guys, it’s so good! I’ve been wearing my faux Gucci belt so much and I ain’t mad about it and it looks like you guys aren’t either as it is in the top ten blog sellers for the month of February. Get it girl!

Okay now this dress. I love the vibrant purple color and it’s oversized fit makes it so comfy. I got a size 6 but I think I should have gotten a size 4. Since it’s a little oversized I wanted to bring a little more structure to it for the office so I added the belt. I think it would be equally as cute without a belt, paired with some sandals and a cardigan for the weekend!

Last but not least to discuss today, my lash update! It’s so funny because I have had an equal number of you either say “I can’t go without my extensions” and the other half say “you’re not about that lash extension life”. I also had a generous amount of recommendations on what oils and/or serums to use to help the growth of natural lashes. There are so many options out there you guys and I’ll be happy to share them with you if you want to shoot me an email,, but today I am just sharing 2 treatments that I personally tried. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Serum is what I started using first. I have seen the before and afters from people I know personally so I felt comfortable with the splurge. After the first 2 weeks I could already see a difference. I was even getting a facial and the esthetician made a comment about how healthy my lashes looked after having extensions for 4 years. I continued using it for about 2 more weeks. I started using it on my brows for growth as well. During the 3 week mark, I started noticing me eyes were like bloodshot like every morning after using the serum. They weren’t irritated, itchy or anything but even after drops of Visine all day, I couldn’t get rid of the redness. I still kept using the serum because “hello lashes!” LOL and really my eyes weren’t feeling itchy or anything. I wouldn’t even remember that my eyes were red until I looked in a mirror. But then the redness in my eyes was just making me look tired. Umm, my baby sleeps all night so I don’t want my red eyes to make him look bad okay?

I decided to stop using it and research other products. After a few days I already noticed the redness going away. I contacted my consultant (I’ll link her here and I’ve known her since grade school guys so she’s trustworthy!) and she informed me that sometimes if you use too much product that could happen. Maybe I was using it too close to the inner corner of my eye and it was getting in my eye which makes since but I had found another product in the meantime so I decided to try that instead.

I found this Castor Oil on Amazon Prime. It has almost 800 reviews and about 72% of them are 5 stars. My eyebrow gal actually recommended me trying out castor oil for eyebrow growth about 6 months ago when I was complaining that all the serums were too pricey. Of course, I spend hundreds before I take her advice LOL. Anyway, I am hear to report that this $13 Amazon Prime castor oil WORKS you guys! Holy smokes. To be completely transparent, the amount of time to see a difference with this oil may take a little longer than the serums do but IT DEFINITELY WORKS! So if you want to try out something that doesn’t cost too much, I would highly recommend this. I apply it to my brows and lash line during my nightly routine and that’s it!

So, with all that being said, even though my lashes are finally back and growing. I remembered why I got extensions to begin with. 1- I highly dislike putting on mascara and eyeliner and I feel like I have to do that now. 2- My lashes are straight AF. Even when I use an eyelash curler it doesn’t last all day. So I’m considering getting a lash lift when my lashes grow out a bit more. Have you guys done that? It’s where they do a semi permanent curl to your natural lashes so that they stay curled. It’s supposed to last about 6 months. Totally cracking up right now because #girlprobs.

Anyway, if you aren’t about that lash extension life I recommend the 2 products I talked about above. Even though the R+F serum made my eyes red, I think it was because of the amount I was using but I can tell you that I could tell that the product was working. Everyone has a different reaction to products. The castor oil, I highly recommend because I personally have not seen any side affects and can tell it’s working!

On another note, if you have gotten the lash lift, let me know! I just want, long, thick and permanently curled lashes. Is that too much to ask for? 🙂

xo, Roselyn

Photos by Banavenue Photography

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