5 Simple Ways To Spread The Love

Don’t spread the flu, spread the love! ūüôā


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I hope you all had a great weekend. We had such a great time in Atlanta, celebrating so many firsts. Baby’s first flight, baby’s first trip out of Texas, our first anniversary trip with a baby, etc. It was seriously the best time and I can’t wait to travel more with our sweet little one. Watching him see things for the first time may be the best feeling ever.

Sadly, while we were on our trip we heard about the Florida shooting. My heart breaks. When will it stop? When we will feel 100% safe again? There are so many things in this life that are so much bigger than us to fix and it had me thinking about all the little things that we could do to spread some love in our own little ways.

  1. Start a conversation with someone- I know I am guilty of being on a mission most days. Just trying to get things done and  small talk is definitely not top of mind. I need to get better at this. Someone may be having a bad day and a simple conversation could change their entire day around.
  2. Smile- This one is so easy! You don’t even have to use words, haha. I know that when I am passing someone in the grocery store and I see them smile, it automatically makes me smile!
  3. Hold the door open- Not only is it a polite thing to do but it’s an easy way to send good vibes to someone and is almost completely effortless. Make it a point to hold the door for someone today!
  4. Say thank you and please- It’s a sad thing that we have to be reminded of this sometimes. These simple phrases make people feel appreciated and it’s a simple way to tell them that their time actually means something to you.
  5. Compliment someone- Okay, so I¬†may be a weirdo¬†but if I see someone that looks like they are sad I will find something to compliment them on. Like the other day in the grocery store, there was a girl who was shopping with her Mom. She just looked like she was upset. I have no idea if she really was but it was bothering me. The first time I passed them I didn’t say anything but my weirdo self couldn’t stop thinking about it while I was grocery shopping. So what did I do? I went on a hunt to find them again. I found them at checkout and I told the girl her makeup looked amazing. She smiled so big. It was the 100% truth but I wish I would have just said that the first time instead of looking like a weirdo complimenting her across 2 other people LOL. My point is. Compliment someone. A friend, a co worker, a stranger. Let’s challenge each other today. I challenge you to compliment a stranger today.

“For it is in giving, that we receive”

We may not able to eliminate hate from our world entirely but these are just a few simple things we can do everyday to ensure love is out there.

xo, Roselyn

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