5 Fashion “Rules” To Break

I was wearing white boots at the office the other day and after a colleague complimented them he then said “but I thought you weren’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day?”.

So today’s blog post is inspired by him. 🙂


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So first things first. Let me give you one rule to always follow: wear whatever makes you feel good. 🙂 Somewhere along the way, different people made up fashion rules for different reasons but really these reasons all stem from one person’s opinion.

Cracking open all the fashion myths on today’s blog post!

Don’t Wear White After Labor Day– Wearing lighter fabrics and light colors like white in the summer make sense because lighter colors tend to keep you cooler in the summer heat. While history cannot pinpoint the exact time (or the exact opinionated person) who made up the rule “don’t wear white after Labor Day” it does tell us this: Back in the late 1800’s leisure clothes were highly uncommon. Women of the upper class who could afford purchasing new wardrobes each season started an unspoken rule where they would pack away their summer whites after Labor Day to show off their next seasons wardrobe. Not many of the working class had disposable income to spend on leisure clothing. This then became a way for these snobs women to determine who was “of their class”. In the 1920’s Coco Chanel was seen wearing white all year long. I’m not sure whose side you’re on but you can find me on Coco’s. My point? Girl, wear white all season long if you want to!

Me rocking all the whites after Labor Day and beyond!

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Sequins Are Only To Be Worn At Night– I just talked about this in my Monday’s post here. Sequins and metallics can totally be worn in the light of day when styled appropriately!

Two sequin outfits for daytime!

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Never Mix Prints– The wardrobe days of “playing it safe” are gone. You know that mixing prints is totally my jam. I published a blog post sharing 4 simple tips on mixing prints here.

Your Bag Should Always Match Your Shoes– If this statement was still true do you know how much harder it would actually be packing for a trip?! This goes back to mixing prints. Rock the mixing and matching trend girl!

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Short Women Shouldn’t Wear Oversized Pants– “She may be small, but she is fierce”. You should never tell a short woman or a woman in general never to do something. 🙂 I’m 5’3″ and I love the way long, oversized pants elongate my legs. The secret is having the length hemmed just right.

 How do you guys feel about breaking these fashion rules? What are some others you don’t agree with or ones that you think people should follow? I’d love to hear!

P.S. Are you all huge fans of Real Housewives like I am?! I was watching the premiere of RHOBH last night. Obvi, I have been preoccupied with baby Weaver that I did not know they would be adding a new cast member. I flipped on Bravo and was like “Omg, that’s Teddi!”. We used to work together. It was my first buying job right out of college when I was living in West Hollywood and she had started right after me as the PR gal. What a small world! I told my husband “that could have been us” haha. He rolled his eyes and said “you mean that could have been you”. Real Housewives Houston where we at?! 🙂

xo, Roselyn

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