Chic Up Your Casual Friday Look

It’s no secret I love denim so you know this girl looks forward to Friday’s in the office 🙂 This tweed, black and white blazer is the perfect way to dress up your denim for the office.


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Tank Top | Tweed Blazer | Denim | Sunglasses | Heels | Purse (I purchased this fun sporran when we were in Scotland but I found similar ones on Amazon here and here)

I love this Chanel inspired blazer and it’s under $30! I am wearing a medium for reference and I still have a lot of room even if I wanted to wear a thicker sweater underneath. I do have to tell you that I took this to my alterations gal to secure the pearl beading around the hem of the sleeves. They weren’t coming off but the threading around the hem were kind of loose so I didn’t want to snag them on anything and have a disaster so I just took it in to make sure I didn’t have any issues. I just thought I should tell you that in case you order yours and have the same issue. Alterations only cost me like 5 bucks but if you can sew you could totally do it yourself.

I get a lot of questions on my Shein purchases which is where this blazer is from so I always try to give you all the details. I have had a really great experience with them for the past year so the items I share here are truly items I would recommend. Also side note, I don’t promote items on here (from Shein or anywhere) that I don’t stand behind. If I purchase something and it isn’t 100% how I expected it to be I’ll tell you. And to be completely transparent there have been a few times I’ve had planned partnerships with people and when I get the product it’s totally not the quality I expected it to be. I mean I can re-secure some pearl beading but I’m not promoting an item that looks nothing like what a website shows. In those cases I’ve had to decline the offer, payment and all.

I say all that to say, I feel like a lot of bloggers come across sales-y but the majority of the gals I follow or know personally are the same way I am with companies. We only promote items we truly like whether or not we are getting paid for promoting them. I want you to read my reviews and recommendations like I’m your girlfriend just telling you about my latest finds!

Okay, I totally feel like I am babbling now! It’s literally 12:40am, I’m watching Unexpected on TLC and eating brownie bites. What am I doing with my life? lol

Alright, I better get to bed because I have a 4:45 wake up call!

xo, Roselyn

Photos by Banavenue Photography

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