5 Facts About New York Fashion Week

Happy Monday friends!

Before I continue on with my daily NYFW recaps I want to give you a little rundown about a few things I learned while I was in New York and also a few things you may not have known about Fashion Week!



Tee | Blazer | Shorts | Heels (similar here and here) | Purse (similar here and here) | Sunnies

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First, let’s talk about this outfit! You all know how much I love blazers so this super cute short set was a no brainer! This set is from Asos and fits a bit small so I definitely recommend sizing up. I am normally a 4 and ended up keeping the size 6 in both the blazer and the shorts. Matching blazer sets were all over the streets of New York so it’s safe to say that it’s hot, hot HOT for fall! Matching blazers and pants, matching blazers and skirts and matching blazers and shorts like this outfit. Also, I was dying to wear this Le Motto tee because I love a good vibes graphic tee and I wanted to be sure I brought that to Fashion Week with me. The tee and the good vibes that is.

Okay so now onto the 10 fun facts about fashion week. You guys have been sending the sweetest and funniest messages and I’m so sad I haven’t been able to catch up with all my best gals about fashion week yet so here is a mini recap!

1- Getting into shows- I want to start with saying this, anyone can attend fashion week. No matter what role you play in the fashion industry or if you have just been wanting to attend for fun you can definitely snag a seat a show. There are so many different ways to get an invite but it will definitely take some work. I actually had a company reach out to me about a “behind the scenes” experience for like $1,000. Whatever you do, don’t do that. If you are not a blogger, aspiring designer or press and want to go to fashion week shoot me an email and I can help you with tips on getting into shows without paying a penny! Even as a blogger it took me some major hustle to get into the shows I got into and even with all that work I was still in shock that I got an invite! Your connections are very important. I thankfully had relationships and worked with many of these PR firms before to solidify my spot at a show and events. We were getting last minute invites for some shows literally the same day of the show. Sometimes they will even give you an option of a plus one so that is another way to get into a show! My Mom already said she wants to go with me next year LOL. I am definitely taking her. She is pretty fab.

2- Staying organized is key- I thought I was pretty organized by putting every show, time and address in my calendar but what I should have done is mapped all of these places out. I don’t know why I thought I could make a 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm show back to back and still make an outfit change. Haha, #dreambig. There were definitely some shows we were rushing to, like all of them 🙂 I would definitely prioritize the shows I really want to attend next year and also I would schedule my meetings on the same side of the city to utilize my time more efficiently.

3- Uber Split Fare- I had no idea this existed before NYFW! Instead of having to track how much your and your friends have spent in Uber’s you can just split the fare and not have to worry about paying anyone back.

4- What Seasons Are They Showing On The Runway- During September Fashion Week, designers are showing their Spring/Summer Collection aka SS18. In February designers showcase Fall/Winter. There are exceptions to some presentations that will show new releases for the current seasons. For example, the Banana Republic presentation showcased the newest Olivia Palermo line for this Fall 2017.

5- What To Wear To Fashion Week- Girl (or guy) ANYTHING goes! I’ve said this before but Rachel Zoe said it best “style is saying who you are without having to speak”. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful but bring some back up flats as well 🙂

Let me know if you have guys have any other questions. Your messages make my day!

Thank you so much for your continued love and support!

I will continue with my daily NYFW recaps tomorrow!

xo, Roselyn

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