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Happy Wednesday loves!

So I totally feel like a failure as a friend because 2 weeks ago I was having brunch with one of my best friends and she was like “How do I use Like To Know It?” O..m…goodness! Like not only is that a total friend fail but if I was trying to graduate blogging school my professor would have held me back a year for this! I apologize I am just getting around to this post. But in my defense I send my girls direct links whenever they ask for something. I think that is why I never realized Rach didn’t know how to shop my photos! Sorry Rach!


houston-fashion-blog-how-to-like-to-know-it houston-fashion-roselyn-weaver-kate-spade-navy-bag houston-fashion-blog-how-like-to-know-it

Top | Denim (similar here) | Shoes | Navy Kate Spade Handbag

Okay so for those of you who are not exactly familiar with Like to Know It, it is a tool that allows you to directly shop my (or any of your favorite influencers!) Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook posts. **When you purchase through Like to Know it we get commission which is always so very much appreciated!

How to Sign Up for Like to Know it: There are 2 ways you can sign up and utilize this super easy shopping tool

You can visit and sign up OR download the app and sign up that way


2 ways you can start utilizing Like to Know it:

  1. Like or screenshot any photo that has the Like to Know it heart watermark in the bottom right corner OR if you see the Like to Know it hashtag in the photo’s caption. If you like or screenshot this photo, you will automatically get an email that gives you the direct links to shop the items.
  2. Another way you can utilize this shopping tool is to go directly to the app and type in an influencers name. Once you do that all of her Like to Know it enabled photos will pop up and you can click on the photo to get direct links. Example below:

how-to-use-like-to-know-it how-to-like-to-know-roselyn-weaver

Easy peasy right?! You’re probably like “thanks for not telling us sooner” LOL sorry guys!!

But what better time than now to download the app if you don’t already have it so you can shop all of the New York Fashion Week looks!!

Eeeekkk, I can’t believe I leave tomorrow. Ask me if I’m packed 🙂

I can’t wait to be back in New York. I’d love for you to follow along on all the fun!

xo, Roselyn

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