I Can’t Do It All

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend!

I struggled with what to title this post. I started with “Not So Mellow Yellow”, “More Than A Pretty Picture”, “Stressed AF” 🙂 I figured I’d shy away from the cute catchy title this time and just tell it exactly how I’m feeling it. Actually “Stressed AF” would have done the job too but than Mom would have asked me what that meant and I didn’t want to have to explain that one to her LOL


Dress | Heels | Earrings

Isn’t this yellow maxi just beautiful?! It’s currently limited on sizes but I have linked some other yellow dresses that I’m loving here and here. And I’ve had these Baublebar earrings on repeat. This dress seriously makes me feel so elegant. Just by looking at this photo you may not have known that I cried my eyes out that day.

One of the most frequently asked question I get is, “how do you do it all?” Managing your own business such as a blog is extremely tough and add a full time job on top of that isn’t an easy thing. Giving my corporate job 100% means all things that need to be done for the blog happens after hours and quite frankly all hours of the night. On top of these 2 important jobs you still want to be the best wife, the best daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Do you think one person can manage all of this? Sadly, the answer is no.

Can you give 10% to all of these things? Absolutely. But you can’t be the best at all of them. So going back to the day of these photos, I had some major campaigns due, Brandon and I had a lot of personal life things happening (we will talk about that another time), family was coming to stay with us that weekend and we were also dealing with a lot of issues with some family members, so I was really feeling the anxiety taking over. As I was getting ready that morning Brandon could tell I was super irritable and he asked “is everything okay?” I immediately started crying. I was so stressed and overwhelmed but maybe too proud to have said it out loud before that moment. I had 3 huge deadlines to hit in the next 48 hours, I completely dropped the ball on my invoices and realized I didn’t collect payment on campaigns that I did over 5 months ago. I mean how does it look when I got back to a company and I’m like “Oh hey, remember me from February?”. I mean I know they should have caught it too but obviously I needed some major help and I clearly And on top of all of this I had just found out someone extremely close to me was saying some really horrible things. I talked about that in this post. That may have been the icing on the cake that made me break that day.

I talked to my Mom later that day and told her I broke down and she immediately was like “baby, you need to get some sleep sometimes”. Oh my Mom knows me so well. 🙂 After talking with my Mom and my sweet, patient and oh so organized husband I finally realized I cannot do it all. Somethings gotta give and I needed to hire help. Not only for the blog but even for things around the house.

This miniature breakdown was 3 weeks ago and today my stress level has gone down tremendously. I say all of this to say, I know you are a hard working #girlboss and mama amongst so many other things. You don’t have to do it all and there is not reason to feel guilty about it. I think because of many people’s work ethic we think we can do it all. It’s okay that we can’t and it’s okay to admit we need help. Oh, I need help in so many ways, haha!

Also, I thought this was a funny thing to share, late last night when I was drafting this post my oldest brother sent me a message and told me I needed some sleep. What?! How did he even know I was awake? LOL. Him and my Mom just know I guess. 🙂

Thank you all so much for reading today and always. Seriously if you ever need to vent I’m here for you girl! It’s the least I can do for you listening to me ramble today!

xo, Roselyn

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2 thoughts on “I Can’t Do It All

  1. Love your story. That makes two of us and many times I do feel like wonder woman! If you ever need someone to listen and talk to I’m always here. – Andrea –

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! I really appreciate that! You know I am always here for you too girly! xo, Roselyn


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