My Search For The Perfect Hand Cream

Good morning beauties!

I am so excited to be collaborating up with Sephora to share my favorite hand lotions! Also, today I am sharing a funny story on what began my search for the perfect hand cream!



If you aren’t familiar with L’OCCITANE you can check these products out for yourself in a Sephora near you. You may also find them in several boutiques throughout the US because this product is so good guys! I don’t leave home without it!



So now onto my story that began my search for the perfect hand cream. If you caught my post about my sweet Mom here then you already know I have so many great stories to tell about her! One of the gazillion things I love about my Mom is that she is always straight forward. The most kind woman you will ever meet but she will always tell you exactly what she thinks. In the most nicest way possible of course! 🙂

So a little over 4 years ago, Brandon and I spent the day packing and loading a U-Haul as we were moving into our new home. Little did I know Brandon had this extravagant proposal planned for that exact day. To make a long story short, I went to get us some food and when I came back he was in his suit, kneeling in the middle of fresh red rose petals in the shape of a heart. I’m sure he said a bunch of sweet things that I don’t remember because I was shocked and crying but obviously I said yes!

I was so overwhelmed with the best of emotions and immediately started calling family and friends.

My Mom was the first to be called and of course during our call I had to snap a picture of this beautiful new ring and send it to her. Her immediate response? “That isn’t your hand.”

LMBO, I can’t make this stuff up you guys! She was loving the ring but immediately thought I was playing a joke on her because (in her words) “that looks like an old lady’s hand. O…M…Geeeee. After we laughed and I finally convinced her it was really my hand I knew I needed to start my search for the perfect hand cream like we all search for the perfect face cream.


I mean I used lotion.all.the.time. My skin is so dry that I felt like I was constantly putting lotion on my hands.

Anyway, after my call with Mom I knew my basic lotion wasn’t cutting it and I went through a lot of different brands until I found L’OCCITANE that actually made a difference not only on the dryness of my hands but the look too. My Mom will tell you that my hands are looking mighty fine these days and obvi she doesn’t tell a lie! 🙂

My 2 most favorites are the Almond Delicious Hands and Lavender Hand Cream. Also if you suffer from dry skin like I do then the Shea Butter Hand Cream will become your best friend!

Have you guys tried any of these hand creams yet? I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

xo, Roselyn

**Sponsored Post: Thank you Sephora for sponsoring this post. As always, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.