Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Friday beauties!

Can you believe we are in the last few days of April?! Yeah, me neither!

Today I am sharing a printable calendar of random acts of kindness ideas!

There is so much happening in the world right now and everyone is fighting their own battle that I thought this would be such an amazing way to start the month of May! There are a couple of things that I really love about this random acts of kindness list: 1) By having something written in for each day it is going to become part of my to do list so I need to make sure it gets done. 2) There are some things on here you may already do on a daily basis like, “give a compliment” or “buy a stranger coffee”. I put those on here because if you do print this out and follow along (which I hope you do!) it is a nice reminder to tell you how sweet you already are! With or without a random acts of kindness calendar telling you to be kind! 🙂

random acts of kindness

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Click here for calendar: Random Acts of Kindness

I built this calendar as a guide so things like “surprise a friend” or “bring a treat for your coworkers” is where your creativity kicks in! Also, I have always wanted to get into sending military care packages because they need to know that they are SO appreciated. Now this calendar will keep me accountable.   Websites like this one and this one make it really easy to do so. You can put your own military package together or if you are running short on time, they will put together a package and ship it on your behalf for just a small cost.

Another day I am excited about is May 22nd. No guys, not because I want to go hang with a bunch of fire fighters, haha! It’s just such a random gesture that I know they appreciate so much! And lastly, I must admit I was a little bit selfish in adding “surprise a friend”/”surprise a sibling” so many times on this calendar because I just love buying gifts for people! So I’m not going to lie, those days are just feeding into my shopping problem haha!

I hope you will join me in doing this guys! I will be sharing each days random acts of kindness with you via Facebook and Instagram so I’d love to see yours too!

Happy weekend!

xo, Roselyn