4AM Diaries + The Perfect Maxi Skirt

Happy Monday!

This morning I am headed to Austin for a work meeting then I’ll be back tonight for a dinner with our church! I wanted to share this adorable maxi skirt that will most likely be accompanying me to dinner tonight šŸ™‚



Tank (similar here and here) | Skirt (Ā and love this color!)Ā | Heels | Bracelet

How cute is this green maxi skirt?! Not only is it so comfy but it’s the perfect length for shorties like myself! I’m 5’3″ (and a half) and I was so happy that there was no altering needed! Very rare when I buy maxi’s. I went with a more casual look this past weekendĀ pairing it with a simple white tankĀ and also I cannot stop wearing these Valentino dupes. Seriously, you need them in your life!

In addition to this cute outfit IĀ had to share my 4am confessions with you! So, I have beenĀ getting up crazy early to workout because Brandon and IĀ have been taking some classes in the evening after work andĀ 4am is literally the only time I can get a workout in some days. Anyway, my sincerest apologies to all my friends and family that receive my text message replies at this hour. I’m so sorry! šŸ™‚

If you areĀ awake with the TV onĀ anytime between 1am andĀ 5am, I’m sure you have seen the Meaningful Beauty infomercial like a million times. Well…guess who finally caved? This girl! LOL. I couldn’t help it! Cindy Crawford hasn’t aged a day and seeing that infomercial 5 days in a row as I drank my morning coffee really just got to me! It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted. If I start looking like Cindy, you’ll know why šŸ™‚

Also, I’ve had the Nutribullet in my cart for a few days now. OMG, these 4am infomercials are really gettin’ the job done, haha!

Do you guys have a Nutribullet and do I need one? šŸ™‚Ā I’d also love to hear if you’ve tried Meaningful Beauty!

xo, Roselyn