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So before you yell at me about chopping off my hair like my Mom and husband did, let me tell you where it went 🙂

donating your hair


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So this is the second time that I have donated my hair and each time the same two people give me a hard time. Mom and Brandon 🙂 lol. The reason I even considered to do it the first time is because my Mom is a breast cancer survivor. You can read more about that here. The thought of contributing to make a wig for someone like her in need just fills my heart like no other.

Imagine how you feel when someone compliments your hair. Now imagine a cancer patient getting that compliment after having to deal with months, maybe even years of hair loss. Pretty amazing right? Now that’s why chopping off 8″ of my hair this weekend came so easy. And heellloo less shampoo dry shampoo!

So if you have been thinking about donating your hair or even just beginning to grow out your hair to donate it, here are a few things you should know.

things to know when donating your hair

1-You must donate a minimum of 8″ (some organizations require 12″)

2- The hair cannot be dyed or bleached. The wigs are made for each individual and they will dye them to fit that specific persons needs

3- No more than 5% gray hair

4- Fortunately, there are many non profit organizations that participate in the wig making program but beware that some do charge for their wigs which I don’t totally agree with. The first time I donated my hair I went to Visible Changes and we actually donated to Locks for Love but recently they started charging so Maryanne McCormack, founder of Visible Changes and breast cancer survivor started the program THair. THair provides free wigs to cancer patients so that is the organization I donated to this time around. P.S. Marva at Baybrook is amazing!

5- As mentioned, there are many organizations that participate in this program. You can go to a salon to do the cut and they will take care of the rest for you. Just be sure that you do your research and know what organization they are donating to on your behalf. You can also choose to get just the cut done at a salon or do it at home and send in the hair yourself, but just remember requirements #1-3. I’d hate for you to cut off your beautiful hair and them not be able to use it!

Here are a few organizations that, as of today, do not charge patients for wigs.


Friends Are By Your Side

Wigs for Kids

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

xo, Roselyn

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