I Didn’t Want To Cause A Scene


So opposite of Monday, I am here to put a smile on your face 🙂 So today I am sharing a funny story along with a super cute outfit (duh!) 🙂

ruffle sleeves spring dress

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Dress (runs small, I am actually wearing a large here) | Heels | Hat

So last month I was invited to one of my favorite retailers to get my makeup done courtesy of a brand. Of course I said yes because what girl doesn’t like getting dolled up?!

Naturally, the makeup artist was amazing and the way she described each product had me asking myself why I didn’t have this stuff in my life already. From the moisturizer down to the eyeliner, I needed everything.

Well me being financially conscious not wanting to hear it from my husband I refrained from buying all the brushes I probably would never use again and selected the handful of items that I absolutely told myself I couldn’t live without.  I was feeling pretty good about my purchase…that was until I got to the register. She rang up my 5 items and told me my total was $570.

$570 guys!!!

Look, this girl likes to splurge every once in a while but that purchase was not something I was planning for and I literally came in for a “complimentary” session LOL. So of course, I didn’t want to “cause a scene” so I smiled, and happily purchased my new items that I thought “better be made of 24k gold.”

As soon as I walked away, I was having total buyers remorse and knew I could not keep these items and feel good about it.

So I met Brandon at church that day and as soon as I walked up I was like “FYI, you’ll probably see a charge for $570 worth of makeup but I don’t think I’m going to keep it”.

Of course he laughed and asked why would I purchase it if I knew I didn’t want to keep it and naturally my response was “I didn’t want to cause a scene” LOL

Later that week I told my sister and niece the story and funny enough my niece had a recent similar story so now our inside joke is “I didn’t want to cause a scene.”

Have you guys ever done anything like this before?

*Update- the facial crème ended up being $350 which I didn’t know at the time so that’s why it ended up costing so much! I kept everything else because I could justify that but $350 for moisturizer? I’ll just botox. 🙂 JKJK babe.

xo, Roselyn

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4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want To Cause A Scene

  1. OMG! I had something similar happen except it was a dress and it was less money than yours. I went into this shop just to look at this dress that was in the window and I ended up coming out with a dress I wasn’t supposed to buy. I had so much remorse but I was in a foreign country, ended up buying it on a credit card and couldn’t take it back just because I didn’t want to cause a scene! Haha


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