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Oh hey Monday, we meet again. (insert straight faced, not impressed emoji here).

Mondays are inevitable so thank goodness for coffee right?! Most days I make my coffee at home before I leave the house but some days I just need an extra pick me up and something a little more sweeter (and prettier!) that’s where I turn to my favorite Houston coffee spots!


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Lucky for us, Houston is filled with delicious coffee shops!

  1. Tiny’s No.5 – also on my top picks for prettiest places to brunch! Don’t forget your chocolate chip cookies on your way out!
  2. Tout Suite– be sure to pick up a macaroon (or 5!) while you are there.
  3. Bar Bazaar– they recently opened up their location at Baybrook Mall and my MIL and I have become frequent customers!
  4. Antidote– If you are a sucker for iced coffee like I am, this is your place!
  5. Common Bond– I promise that I do not choose my coffee shops based on the dessert selection, but I’m just saying grab a pastry while you are there! 🙂

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Like I said Houston is filled with coffee shop goodness so though I have my favorites these 5 are on my list to try ASAP!

 1. Blacksmith

2. Honeymoon Cafe

3. Boomtown

4. Catalina Coffee

5. Siphon Coffee

Also speaking of coffee shops, I was in Tout Suite last week and the sweetest gal came up to me and asked me if I was style_lynn! She was telling me that she followed me and that she loved my style. Rebecca you totally made my day girl 🙂 Seriously! I’ll always remember her and why I do this on days that I am up late trying to finish a post!

After all, coffee is for made for those late nights right?! 🙂 Thanks for reading loves!

xo, Roselyn

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