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A few months ago (I know, I’m sorry I procrastinated on starting this series) I asked my fellow snapchatters and instagrammers to tell me what they wanted to hear more about on the blog. I was going to do a frequently asked questions post  but I wanted to address the most commonly asked question which was actually about my hair!

long hair tutorial-curl your hair with a straightener tutorial

t3 tourmaline straightener-blogger hair tutorial

t3 straightener-hotel sorella city center-hair tutorial t3 hair products-t3 hair tutotrial t3 tourmaline straightener-blogger hair tutorial-nordstrom blogger t3 tourmaline straightener-blogger hair tutorial beach waves tutorial t3 straightener-blogger hair tutorial-beach curls tutorial

T3 Single Pass | Blow Dryer | Mousse | HairsprayThickening Tonic

Bodysuit | Choker (similar here and here) | Denim | Belt | Lip

Okay, so first things first. Just like beauty products I’m always trying new brands and I love sharing them with you when I do, but today I wanted to share this shampoo and this conditioner that I always find my way back to!

It is also a known fact that I rarely wash my hair and when I say rarely that’s probably an understatement. 🙂 but when I do wash my hair Pantene shampoos and conditioners are my oldie but goodie picks! For the days I choose not to wash my hair, my favorite dry shampoo for day 1-4 dirty hair is Batiste and day 4 through “I rather not tell you” is Aveda dry shampoo. These 2 products do wonders people!

Some items that are fairly new to my life but took me no time to fall in love are the T3 single pass and blow dryer. The blow dryer shortens drying time and I am especially loving the single pass because not only is it super lightweight for travel but it gives you perfectly straight hair and equally perfect beach wave curls! It doesn’t any better than that right?! The less hair product I can carry with me in a suitcase, the more clothes I can fit in 🙂

I have extremely straight hair (thanks Mom and Dad!) so on days I am running late I can leave my house wet and it dries board straight. But like I said, since I rarely wash my hair that is not always the case. Day 2 of dirty hair I’ll wake with fly-aways galore and static central LOL so that’s where my favorite new straightener comes in handy! Day 3 through 10 (cough cough) the single pass gives me the prettiest beach waves. You can get tighter curls with this tool as well but the looser waves are my jam!

So here’s my basic everyday hair routine:

1.Shampoo and condition my hair (when I choose)

2.Towel dry hair

3.Spray It’s a 10 and thickening tonic all over

4. Put this mousse around my roots for some volume

5.Blow dry hair

6.Section off dried hair. I section my hair in a half pony.

*I do a half pony just leaving the bottom layer of my hair to curl or straighten. When I’m done styling that layer I let down another layer, put my hair back in a half pony, style that layer and repeat until all layers are styled.

*Sometimes I tease my hair for just a little bit more volume and voila I’m ready for the day!

Let me know if you guys have any other questions. I am so flattered that the majority of the questions were about my hair! You guys make a girl feel like a million bucks!

And again, if you guys have any other questions about ANYTHING or have suggestions on what you want to read about let me know and I always take your feedback to heart! You can comment here or email me at

Thank you guys so much for reading!

xo, Roselyn

**Sponsored Post: Thank you so much T3 for sponsoring this post and thank you to the beautiful Hotel Sorella for hosting us for this photoshoot!

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