The Style Lynn Life Travels: Edinburgh, Scotland Itinerary

Okay, so Paris may have been my most favorite part of the trip, but Scotland comes in at a close second! It was SO beautiful you guys! These photos do not do it justice. You are just going to have to go see it with your own eyes 🙂

 It was even better than I imagined it would be. The greenery, the castles, the people playing bagpipes on the street, the cobblestone roads… Also, Brandon’s favorite movie of all time is Braveheart and some scenes were filmed in the Edinburgh Castle so I think this may have been his favorite stop of the trip!


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So…if you were following along on Instagram through our trip you already know that we missed our initial flight to Scotland. That’s what we get for trying to stay up all night drinking like the Irish! 🙂 Good thing we were able to catch an afternoon flight to Edinburgh that same day and squeezed in most of what he had on our itinerary.

Where We Stayed:

The Inn Place. This place was super cute and again in walking distance to the center of town. The hotel was on the most adorable street, Cockburn Street. FYI Americans it is pronounced like Cole-burn. LOL. Our taxi driver and a waitress one night were like…ummm?? I don’t know where that is, haha! We eventually figured it out.

Where To Eat:

Ummm.. I have been dreaming about Beers and Burgers Grill House since the moment I took my first bite of that goat cheese filled, Johnny Cash burger. SO dang good! And also you have to try Haggis Fritters when you are there. That’s the Scottish thing to do.  It doesn’t sound good, but I promise you it is!

Coffee & Sweet Tooth Fix:

Mary’s Milk Bar

High Tea at Colonnades (you have to make reservations). *you guys I am so SO sad that this was one of the things that we had to miss because we missed our flight! So I’m going to need you to go and enjoy it for me. Definitely on my list for next time!

Where We Shopped:

We actually did a lot of souvenir shopping up and down George Street. This is where I first laid eyes on the below Sporran and knew I wanted to make it my next purse!


Okay, I’m ready to plan our next visit to Scotland! Who’s with me?!

Here’s a list of must do things while in the beautiful city of Edinburgh! But, if you had to pick only 1 thing on this list, I recommend taking the hike through Holyrood Park to Arthur’s Seat. We left our hotel when it was still dark out so that we could watch the sunrise from the highest peak in the city. Just a disclaimer- it’s kind of scary when it’s windy and wet. Don’t tell Brandon I told you, but he couldn’t wait to make his way back down the peak LOL.

We actually took this crazy, almost rock climbing style, way up the mountain and when we got up there we saw a few locals and realized there was a stairway path!! LOL, too funny. But I still say our way was so much more fun! Dangerous? Yes. But still fun. 🙂


Thanks so much for reading loves!

xo, Roselyn

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12 thoughts on “The Style Lynn Life Travels: Edinburgh, Scotland Itinerary

  1. Hi, great review – I’m from Edinburgh but have lived in Australia for 15 years now! Cockburn Street is actually pronounced “Coburn” !! [co – sounds like low] [burn – as in burn on fire!]
    On your next visit, go outside Edinburgh to see the Kelpies and try and visit during the Edinburgh Featival time around August/Sept.
    All the best, Lara x

    1. Thanks so much Lara!! It was so beautiful! And oohhhh I guess we were still hearing it as Cole-burn LOL! Thanks for letting me know!! I’ll have to fix that! We loved Edingburgh and we’re hoping to see more of Scotland but we missed our initial flight so we had to cut the visit shorter than we hoped for BUT that just means we’ll have to be back!! And Australia?! How fun! I’ll have to reach out to you for things to do when we visit there!! Definitely on our list. Thank for reading love!! Xo!

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