Favorite Mexican Restaurants In Houston

      Who can eat Mexican food everyday?

If you answered yes we just became best friends!


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So I have to brag on the hubby again! He is just earning brownie points left and right. I saw these rose gold heels when we were shopping in the British Isles and talked about how much I loved them. I didn’t end up buying them because honestly at that point in the day I was ready for dinner and I just didn’t have an ounce of energy left to do anything but walk to a restaurant. Dramatic I know.

Well the morning of my birthday (a week later) he handed me my first gift and to my surprise he had bought the heels! I had NO idea! Apparently, one morning when I thought he was going to the grocery store he made his way back to the store and purchased them! He snuck them into our apartment, luggage and everything. He is seriously so thoughtful!

Okay now onto the important stuff…FOOD!

I seriously could eat Mexican food all day, everyday. I love trying different places because although every single one these places are so yummy, their specialties are different. Also, it’s good to change it up so that the staff doesn’t judge that you eat Mexican food everyday. It’s like “oh, she comes in like once every 2 weeks” but in reality you’ve hit up all the El Tiempo’s in the city that week. LOL.

Favorite place to go for Fajitas:

El Tiempo. Steak fajitas are to.die.for. Plus who knew warm butter could be life changing? They did.

Favorite place to eat Enchiladas:

Ninfa’s. Enchiladas de Mole is MY.JAM.

Best Tacos:

Torchy’s. DUH. They serve tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a reason. Because they’re amazing. And thank you Torchy’s for reminding me that it IS okay to have Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Best Queso:

You guys might fight me on this, but Jimmy Changas has the best white queso ever invented.

Best all Around:

Cyclone Anaya’s. From their margaritas to their tres leches everything is OH so delicious! And I have always loved the atmosphere of this restaurant. So fun for a girls night!

Okay, so who is ready for lunch?! Do you have a favorite that I didn’t list? I would love to hear so I can try it!

xo, Roselyn

**Sponsored Post: This post was done in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Mexican Restaurants In Houston

  1. Escalante’s on Westheimer
    and Skinny Rita’s (4002 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009)

    Let me know what you think!!


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