Factual Friday

I’m not sure how fun that title sounds, but fun fact Friday might have sounded too fun for this post 🙂

I wanted to share a “day in the life” with me. I truly love reading posts from my internet friends and finding out new things about them. For instance the other day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw someone that I had been following FOREVER and I just noticed she had kids. Then I actually met a fellow fashionista who I later found out was an engineer. I was like dang these girls are killing it and seem to have a great balance and have it all under control!

But the truth is, the more I talk to people like these 2 successful women, though they are succeeding in the blogging game they struggle to meet deadlines like everyone else and have to battle doing the every day (not so fun tasks) like everyone else.


So you probably looked at that photo and thought what is this craziness? Well, that is what part of my Friday looks like in one photo, haha!

Though I am oh so excited for Friday and the weekend to get here I have to remember I need to get through Friday first! So this is what today will look like in a nutshell:

1. Wake up and be so disappointed in myself because I took allergy medicine last night that made me fall asleep and I didn’t post anything on social media (this doesn’t happen everyday but it happened today 🙁 )

2. Drink a cup of SToK™ coffee and get it together. Have you guys tried this? OMG! You need to! I typically make my coffee at home before I head to the office so I am on the lookout for new coffee all the time. I purchase the 48oz container so all I have to do is pour it in my cup and go! It’s cold brew iced coffee and oh so delicious! It can be found at many grocery stores. I got mine at Kroger in Pasadena.

3. Check my work emails and respond to them

4. Perfect a business case I have been working on for weeks

5. Conference call with work

6. Respond to the ever growing amount of blog emails because I didn’t do that all week

7. Conference call with my family because I offered them up for my company’s photo shoot last minute and now must coordinate their travel lol

8. Reach out to Houston companies regarding the American Diabetes Association auction I volunteered to coordinate

9. Reports, emails, conference calls for my day job 🙂 We won’t get into too much detail with all that fun

10. Drink another cup of SToK

11. Research some furniture and décor options. Again, for some reason I volunteered to help a co worker furnish and decorate their new home.

12. Return to blog emails

13. Throw in a load of laundry

14. Blog photos

15. Figure out what I am going to do about these upcoming birthdays (including the hubbies!)

16. Gym

17. Pick up some of the auction items ( a special shoutout to Kendra Scott Baybrook for being the very first Houston business to donate items to be auctioned off this year!)

18. Straighten up the house

19. Another load of laundry

20. Take the car in to get it’s oil changed

21. Post a picture of how excited I am it’s Friday

22. Go and actually enjoy this Friday! 🙂

I wish executing all of these tasks was as easy as putting the to do list together 🙂 Okay, I better get on it.

Just remember if you are struggling to get through this Friday, you have a 3 day weekend to look forward to and also know that we are all struggling too LOL

Happy Friday loves!!

xo, Roselyn

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