Why You Should Travel With Friends: Belize Edition

Woohoo! We made it to Friday!


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The Mr. and I have a passion for traveling so we make it a priority to see new places each year. It is such an amazing experience exploring the world with your significant other. With a busy life it is nice to be able to slow down a bit with the one you love and experience new places. You need that every once in a while! As we love being side by side on this traveling adventure we also enjoy sharing these experiences with friends!

So today I am sharing my top 3 reasons you should travel with friends:

Getting to know each other on another level

No matter how much you think you know someone, getting with them on a plane, traveling to another country and spending multiple days (or weeks) with them forces you to get to know them on a whole different level. A special bond is made. I’m sure some people may have had not so good experiences, but in our case, we have traveled out of the country with Danielle and Eric twice now and are already talking about our next trip. So I think it’s safe to say our bond is going strong.

Never a dull moment

Laughing to myself over here thinking about our most recent trip. Seriously I already feel like there is never a dull moment with Brandon, but throw in some friends and it is a laughing matter like every second. We even had some Belizian nights where we were so exhausted (oh you know from laying out, eating, drinking and shopping all day) that we stayed at the resort and played scrabble lol and it was SO fun. Inside jokes for a lifetime and also I just reminded myself that I must dictionary.com some of those words Brandon used. 🤔

Sharing big moments

Sharing big moments and memories are the best things you can do with the ones you love. Not only are you visiting a place for the first time, but sharing that moment with friends is a very special thing. Like running around to take advantage of that 24 hour layover in London, becoming a Flamenco dancer in Spain and four wheeling to the highest mountain on the island and then flipping your four wheeler. Eric where was your GoPro then?! Lol. Don’t worry guys we all left in one piece!

And like I mentioned earlier, a lifetime of inside jokes. Like meeting the meanest coconut lady on the island and coming home international volleyball champions. PSA: This is a test to ensure my friends and the hubs have read this post LOL

As you know, we took a trip to Belize 2 weeks and a day ago (but who’s counting) 🙂 Goodness, we had such a wonderful time that it was very hard to get back to reality and get used to wearing shoes again LOL! Though some of our excursion plans consisted of visiting the Mayan Ruins, cave tubing and snorkeling we didn’t end up doing any of that. Though we had some other plans in mind prior to arriving; the eating, laughing, drinking, laying out at Palapa and playing volleyball at our resort quickly became our daily routine.

How we got there:

We took a Southwest direct flight to Belize City and an hour and a half boat ride to San Pedro. There a few different options to get from Belize City to San Pedro. You can fly, you can take the community boat or you can rent your own boat service. We chose the latter option. Taking the plane over would have taken some more waiting around to get our luggage loaded and everyone boarded onto the plane. Taking the community boat would have also been some waiting time and then being squeezed onto a boat for another 1 and half hours with people maybe you really didn’t like that much on the plane LOL. Also, you would have to make multiple stops at everyone’s resort.

With the private boat service we were able to be picked up from the airport and driven straight to the boating dock where our bags were loaded for us and the Rum punch was poured!


Where we stayed: La Beliza

OMG, you guys this place was beautiful! I was in awe as soon as we pulled up. They had a life size chess board, beautiful pool area, sand volleyball court, kayaks and the staff was so sweet. Unfortunately, we had an issue with our AC and had to move rooms, TWICE, but honestly the staff was so helpful and accommodating that it wasn’t a big deal. I would definitely recommend this place.



How we got around: A golf cart

Where we ate:

Well…we ate a lot as to be expected LOL but places worth mentioning are brunch at Marbucks and lunch at Estels and Elvi’s. I basically had fish tacos everywhere we went and they were AH-mazing! And Elvi’s had sand floors inside of their restaurant,  so cool!

Where we drank:

See pics below…the answer is EVERYWHERE lol but Palapa was definitely a daily stop.


Hats: The Style Lynn Life | Out of Office

Have you guys been to Belize? And do you prefer traveling with friends or alone?! I would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks for reading!!

xo, Roselyn